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Avita’s Admiror II Laptop Has Three Webcams and a Ring Light Because Why Not

An Avita Admiror II with a blue light shining from the monitor bezels.

If you want to make a go at livestreaming, you’ll need a few things like a decent computer, a good webcam, and lighting so we can see your face. Nexstgo’s latest CES-borne laptop, the Avita Admiror II, will pack all of that into one thanks to its triple-webcam setup and embedded light ring. Just don’t forget a decent microphone.

It’s the sort of thing you’ll only find at CES, in some ways literally. But the concept behind the Avita Admiror II is solid. The average laptop’s webcam won’t make for a good live stream experience. To overcome that, this laptop sports three webcams, each offering different “zoom levels.” You can switch between “Close-up,” “Medium Close-up,” and “Wider Shot.” 

But a decent webcam will only take you so far, lighting is also a must. One look at the Avita Admiror II and you’ll spot its solution right away. The monitor’s bezels double as a light ring pointed right at your pretty face. Netxstgo promises it tuned the light to give you “consistent, gently diffused lighting.”

A front view of a laptop with a triple-camera setup.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the specs of the laptop are like. Netxsgo isn’t saying. It seems to have a large trackpad, a fingerprint reader, and a decent-sized display. But we’ll have to wait to find out about the processor, resolution, storage size, and RAM.

It’s also unclear if the device will come to the United States. Netxsgo is a licensee of the VAIO brand in Asia and sells VAIO-branded laptops in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. But if we hear more about the Avita Admiror II, we’ll let you know. For now, at least a virtual CES still highlights some of the most interesting designs found in otherwise generic devices.

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