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Author: Ezefidelity

How to Lock Facebook Messenger App.

Facebook Messenger has a built-in feature that lets you lock the app, so that when someone else get your device, they will not be able to open it to view your private chat. Here is how to turn it on or off.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G Features, Spec and Price.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G comes with a 6.7 display that is capable of displaying 16 million colors. Full specifications, features and price is found here.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Gets 5G

Samsung raises their Galaxy Z Flip users excitement as they announce their intention to release a 5G version of the Z Flip smartphone. Get more details here.

Making Facebook Messenger More Private and Secure.

Very soon, you will be able to chose who can send you messages on Facebook Messenger. Learn more about this and other upcoming features to Facebook Messenger in this post.

You can now Lock Facebook Messenger without Third-Party App.

Facebook Messenger app now as a feature that lets you lock the app using your touch and face ID. This article provides more information.

How to Hide your Android Device Root Status.

It is possible for you to use applications that does not work on rooted Android device on your rooted smartphone. Here is the tricks you should apply to make it work.

You Cannot Delete Your Content from the Internet Completely.

You should be careful about what you choose to post on the internet. This is because once it has landed on the internet, you cannot completely delete it. I explain further in this article.

Over $100,000 Stole from Users as Twitter got Breached (Latest Bitcoin Scam)

Tweeting a Bill Gate, Barrack Obama and other public figures, hackers were able to steal Over $100,000 from Twitter users. How were they able to tweet as public figures and what you can do to protect yourself is discussed in this article.

Zero-Day Attack | All you Should Know About it.

Zero-Day attack is a virus attack that your antivirus might not be able to protect you from. Why, what you can do to prevent, and protect yourself are what I explain in this article.

If you Love Tablets, then go for Chromebook Laptops.

There are at least 7 advantage of Chromebook over regular laptops. discover them, and how to shop for Chromebook legitimately in this article of mine.

Use Zbigz Premium Features without Paying.

Zbigz is the best platform you can use to access all the files from any bittorrent network. However, the restrictions on Zbigz free users can be frustrating. Here is how to get all the Zbigz premium features for FREE!

How to take Long Screenshot on Android and iOS (scrolling screenshot)

No matter the reason for you wanting to take a long screenshot, here is a tutorial on how to use the built-in feature of your smartphone to do it. If your Android or iOS device does not have the built-in long screenshot feature, I will also be listing the best apps you can use.

Here is how to get iPhone iOS 14 from Apple Before September.

If you are interested in being the first to try out the new features coming to iPhones using iOS 14, before everyone can in September, then this article explain what you need to do.

How to get 2GB for 200 Naira on MTN Nigeria (Night plan)

MTN new fair data usage policy now makes is possible for MTN Pulse customers to enjoy 2GB of internet data for just 200 Naira. This post provide more details.

Operation 4 in Gear 5 of Brothers in Arms is OUT!

Gear 5 (Operation 4) of Brothers in Arms went live yesterday 14th of July, 2020. Here is everything that the Operation 4 chapter features and how to get it.

Microsoft Wants to Help 25 Million People Worldwide Acquire Digital Skills

If you want to learn a digital skill but do not have money, Microsoft is willing to teach you for FREE. Get more information from this article.

You can Build an AI that Analyzes and Categorize Scenes from a Video | Dale Markowitz

Dale Markowitz an Applied AI Engineer with Dale on AI was able to build an AI that analyzes and categorize scenes in a video. The AI also allows you to search through the video and find the scenes you are looking for. Learn more in this post.

Facebook has Stopped Sharing Your Data with Third-Parties.

The recent issue that made Facebook to share users information to third-party developers is not what it seems. Here are the facts.

Facebook Manage Activity | A Bulk Archiving & Deletion tool.

If you want to delete or archive multiple contents that you have shared on Facebook, Manage Activity is a built-in feature to help you. So stop giving third-party tools access to your Facebook account by learning how to use the Manage Activity tool from this post.

Facebook is Discouraging People to Share Posts Older than 90 Days.

Facebook now warns people when they want to share a post that is more than 3 months old. Why is Facebook doing this? Find out in this post.

Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro Specifications and Price

This 5G phone comes with 128GB internal storage, 4 cameras, and is powered by 4,000mAH Li-Po battery. Learn more about Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro here.

The Best Registry Cleaner for your Windows 10 Computer.

If your Windows 10 computer is freezing frequently and you are experiencing errors like the Blue Screen of Death, then its time to clean up your Registry. But what is to best tool to use? They are listed in this article.

Tweeting with Your Voice is now Possible for iOS Users.

Twitter now becomes more fun as you will now be able to share live audio recording of your voice as Tweets. Here are the quick facts about the newly introduced Voice Tweet feature for Twitter.

Make Your WhatsApp Business Products & Catalog Known to the World.

If you have created a catalog containing all you products and services via WhatsApp Business app, then, read this article to learn how to share it to the world.

All You Need to Know about WhatsApp Business QR Code.

WhatsApp Business QR Code feature makes it easy for customers to start conversing with a business. This article provides all the vital information about this amazing feature.

WhatsApp introduces 2 New Features to Help Business using WhatsApp for Business.

The 2 new features introduced to WhatsApp for Business will make it easier for users to discover and communicate with business in WhatsApp. This article provides more details.

Best Online Platforms to Compress PDF File With.

PDF file size can be unexplainably high. This is not a problem that cannot be fixed for free online. So, here are the best online platform you can use to Compress PDF files.

iOS Users Were Being Spied on by LinkedIn, TikTok, Google, and Other apps.

LinkedIn, TikTok and Google aren’t the only ones spying on iOS users. I have listed the other apps and also how to protect yourself in this post.

5 New Reasons to Update your WhatsApp App

Updating apps is stressful. But these 5 features coming to WhatsApp will give you 5 reasons to always check the App Store to see if there is a new update to the WhatsApp mobile application.

Can I Get Back My Mails if I Reactivated a Deleted Email Account?

You might not be able to get the mails from a previously deactivated or deleted mail. So before you press the delete button, do these first.

The new iOS14 for iPhone is one you Will Love.

Do you want to be able to turn on your car using iPhone? or use an app without installing it? Then, you need iOS 14. This post contains other amazing features of iOS 14 and the release date.

How to Remove Write Protection from SD Cards and USB Drives.

Do not throwaway your SD card or USB drive just because Write Protection is preventing you from modifying or adding new files to it. Here are 5 easy guides to help you fix this problem.

Wear Face Covering or you Won’t be able to use Facebook or Instagram.

The need to wear face covering to prevent the spread of Coronavirus cannot be overly emphasized. This is why Facebook is taking decisive measure to ensure people wear a face covering. Here is the action they have taken.

Save WhatsApp Status (Photos & Videos) to Your Android Phone Storage.

If you really need to save the WhatsApp Status photos or videos that was uploaded by your friend, to your Android device but you do not know how, I have explain 4 ways you can do it in this post. Read to find out the best option for you.

Buying Tech Gadget is About to Become More Expensive.

There are at least 2 reasons why people are raging against China. If this continue, it will mean that Chinese Tech companies will be push out of the global market, and will undoubtedly make the price of tech gadgets more expensive. Find out more from this post.

Apple is Dumping Intel CPU from Their Mac Computers.

Why do Apple no longer want to use Intel CPU to power their Mac computers? And how will this move affect Mac users and app developers? This post provide the answer.

Huawei and ZTE have Been Kicked out of USA.

China is losing their grip in the world’s economy as both Huawei and ZTE is to be kicked out of the US. Why, and what this means? Read this article to find out.

How to Save your Logins Details and Passwords with Browsers.

If you easily forgets your login details and password, you can use your browsers to save them. In this article, I explain how to save and access passwords in browsers.

Fix the Steam Not Loading Problem Easily.

Being unable to use Steam is no fun for gamers. So I have outline the easiest things to do so that you can fix the Steam store not loading error you are experiencing.

TikTok and Other 58 Apps Got Banned in India.

TikTok and other were banned because of complaints that it is stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner. Find out more from this post.

Cheapest Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes (Nigeria)

Making the right choice is essential to maintaining a healthy spending habits. This is why I have taken my time to search out the cheapest data subscription for Nigerian Airtel users and their subscription codes. Here is my findings.

Brilliant Phone Tips to Help You Handle Your Phone Properly | 1-Tips Everyday

This phone tips video by 1-Tips Everyday will show you how to watch a movie lying down prevent your phone charging cord from breaking and 8 other phone tricks.

Play the Best Harry Potter Games (Online, Console, and Phones)

If you have watched or read at least 1 of Harry Potter movies or novel, you will understand why millions loved it. The games in this article in a fun, exciting and interactive way makes you become part of the Harry Potter story. They are truly the best Harry Potter games you can play online, on consoles or on Android and iOS smartphones

Best Camera App for Android and iPhone.

Your digital appearance says a lot about you. What massage do you want your pictures and videos to tell your online friends about you? Use 1 of these best camera apps for Android and iPhone to take the perfect shot or edit already taken shots.

All you need to know about IMVU Live Room

IMVU live room lets you discover new people and have a great time chatting and hanging out. But what is Live Room and how do I use it? Find out the answers to these are more in this article.

How to Switch to the New Facebook Desktop Design.

The new Facebook appearance load faster, make the text bigger and remove clusters. It also has dark mode. Learn how to switch to the new Facebook desktop interface from this article.

A new way to Chat. IMVU What is it and How it Works.

How will it feel if you can use animated avatar to chat, react, express emotion and give your friends a warm hug? This is what IMVU will help you achieve. Learn more about what IMVU is and how it works in this article.

How to Delete Facebook Group or Archive it.

Delete or Archive your Facebook Group, which should you do? This article will help you decide and also show you how to either delete or archive a group in Facebook.

System Restore Point in Windows 10 do not Backup Your Files.

The System Restore Point in Windows 10 have been mistaken by many to be a file backup feature, but it is not. If not, what is it and does Windows 10 have a built-in file backup feature? These are the questions I provide answers to in this article.

Google Duo Now Support 32 Members for Group Calls and more.

Google Duo users can now create group video calls with up to 32 participants. Learn more about this update in this article.

Dead by Daylight Features Silent Hill | All You Need to Know.

Two game developers (Behaviour Interactive and Konami) came together to create the iconic 16th chapter of Dead by Daylight (Silent Hill). Here is everything you need to know about this game.

The Best WordPress Themes for One Page Site.

Because WordPress is much, it is difficult to some to decide which one to use. In this article, I run a filter and come up with the very best One Page theme for WordPress

Password is not the only way to Protect Your Router Wireless Network

Password protecting your router wireless (Wi-Fi) network is great, but hiding the SSID does the job of protecting your router better. In this article I explain why and how to hide the router’s SSID.

Best RAM Cleaner Apps to Make Your Android Phone Faster

There are many things you need to do if you want your old Android phone to be running as fast as it was when you first bought it. But the fact is, clearing your device RAM might be all that is needed in your part. Why, and what are the best app for cleaning the RAM? That is what I discuss here.

Best Football Manager Games Millions are Playing

Football manager games are great for those that want to feel like a coach. Here are the best soccer manager games for Android and iOS devices that will help you achieve this.

The Buzz About Alt TikTok (Quiz): What is it?

Alt TikTok is not an alternative to the TikTok app. Rather it is users categorizing TikTok videos into 2. I explain this in details in this post.

All you Need to Know About Router Logins (Username, Password,

Your router’s protection is essential to you internet security. This is why I will be discussing extensively about router logins usernames, passwords and IP address.

Vivo V19: A Smartphone for Vloggers: (V19 Specification)

There is no doubt that the newly released Vivo v19 is a smartphone that mobile photographers and Vlogger will love. I explain why and I outline other features of the Vivo v19 in this post.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity for FREE Online

Cards Against Humanity is best enjoyed when played with friends and family. But if they are not around, here are the best way to connect with them online so as to play the game.

Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months Subscription for Just $26.

Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Months Subscription normally cost $44.99. But if you take advantage of this offer about about to show you, you will get it for Just $26.

The Nintendo Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics

Nintendo switch console gets 51 new games known as the Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics. I provide more details in this article.

Deleting Roblox Account is Not Easy But it is Doable.

Roblox does not yet have a feature that enable users to delete their accounts. However, if deleting your Roblox account is very important here is what you should do.

Sega New Game Console (Game Gear Micro) is 8cm in Size

The new Sega Game Gear Micro console is just 8cm in size and it cost just $45. Learn more about this amazing game console by Sage in this article.

Best Hulu Alternatives That People Love.

Hulu is a great site for movies and TV shows. But because it is for US user only, I have outline several Hulu alternative that people love using.

Pokémon ‘Sword’ and ‘Shield’ ‘Isle of Armor’ Release Date and Features

As Isle of Armor is set to be release on the 17th of June 2020, here are the great feature and Pokémon you should be looking out for.

Tips to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Lifespan in 2021

Extending your smartphone battery lifespan is not that difficult. In this article, I outline 6 things that you can do to save your battery lifespan.

What to do After an Online Service you Use Experience a Data Breach

Your action after a data breach can contribute to your security or make matters worst. So I have outline 6 things to do after a data breach that affects you

How to Reset Your Windows 10 Password Without the Old One.

If you forgot your password and have not been locked out of your Windows 10 computer, Windows 10 can allow you to reset your password without the old one.

How to Bypass Browser Cache and Perform a Hard Refresh

Do not delete all your browser cache because one website is not displaying properly. Instead perform a hard refresh on that site only. Learn more here.

Note Taking is Easier with Windows 10 Notepad.

There are at least 4 reason why you should use Notepad to take your notes if you use a Windows 10 computer. In this article, I sketch them for you.

How to Watch SpaceX Spacecraft Launch Live.

For the 1st time after 9 years humans (Americans) are going back to space. I have more details about this venture and how to watch it in this post.

How to Launch a Program Using Shortcut in Windows 10

Setting up a shortcut key which you can use to launch a program in your Windows 10 is not that difficult if you follow the steps I outline here.

How to Regain Lost Local U.S. TV Stations

Is your favorite local TV station no longer showing? Do it first before you start considering whether you need to get a new antenna or not.

Translate Text as you Type Using Gboard

Want to make someone feel special by sending them a message in their native language? Gboard will help you and I explain how to use this feature in this post.

Pay Less When Shopping Online With These Coupon Apps

Shopping online is great only you can not bargain price. But you will enjoy shopping online if try using any one of these coupon apps I have outline for it will make you pay less.

Great News for Developers as Apple is Expanding Their Service the More Countries.

As iPhone developer Apple expand their service to market of more countries, I outline why this expansion is a good news to developers of Apple apps.

How to Resolve the Adobe Illustrator is not responding Problem.

The Adobe Illustrator not responding problem you are facing can be resolved. And in the post, I outline 3 things you can do to fix the problem.

How to Stop Antimalware Service Executable from Slowing Down Your Windows 10 Computer.

Antimalware Service Executable is there to protect your Windows 10 computer. But if it is eating up your PC Memory and CPU usage, here is how to stop it.

Download FIFA 17 for Android (APK, OBB and Data Files included)

While FIFA 17 seems to be the most popular FIFA football game for Android, but it is no longer in Google Play. I know of a working downlink and I share it in this post.

You can Monitor Your Blood Pressure Using Galaxy Watches

The Samsung Monitor app and Galaxy Active 2 watch is a combination that will enable to check your blood pressure without visiting the hospital. Find out more from this post.

Messenger Rooms now in Instagram.

The bridge between Instagram and Facebook has now been solidify with the introduction of Messenger Room on Instagram. I also explain how to create a Messenger Room in Instagram in this post.

How Does A VPN Protection Work?

It is good you want to protect your internet activities. But what does VPN protect you from and what does it not protect you from? Let’s find out, shall we?

WordPress Multisite Network | What and How to Activate it.

How many blogs or website do you want to create? What about if I tell you that you can create all of them with just one domain using WordPress? In this post, I will not only tell you, I will also show you how to do it.

How to use Screen Sharing on Skype for any Device

Rather than screenshot and send, just share your screen live when you are on a video call. Do this in Skype for Android, iPhone, and computers is very easy if you follow these instructions.

An Explanation on What Browser Cache is.

When a website you love visiting is not displaying properly, is it because your internet connection is slows or is it because of something else? Find out in this post.

What Does it Mean to Run a Program as Administrator in Windows 10?

You are the administrator your computer, still Windows 10 is asking you to run a program as administrator? Well don’t worry, I explain what this mean here.

Set up a Custom Notification Tone for a WhatsApp Contact.

Waiting for a message from a love one? Set up a custom notification tone for them so that you will not keep checking WhatsApp every time you receive a new message alert.

Quote for Today | 11th May 2020

Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Quote for Today | 10th May 2020

It takes more work and dedication to build yourself when you only finished the third grade, than it does to earn a decree or two.

Quote for Today | 9th May 2020

“A person who never made mistake, never tried anything new.” So do not be afraid to start something new.

Quote for Today | 8th May 2020

You can find happiness where you are.

How to Get Unlimited Medals in Brothers in Arms 3 for Android.

Wining each missions in Brother in Arms 3 without a deadly weapon can be very difficult, But with medals you can buy them. So I explain how to get unlimited medals in the artile.

Quote for Today | 7th May 2020

Just because a mother treats one of her child different, that does not mean preference. It just means her children have different PERSONALITIES.

Quote for Today | 6th May 2020

Gracious speech and good communication help establish and sustain peaceful relationships.

Quote for Today | 5th May 2020

If you want to enjoy life, then find Satisfaction and Contentment.

Checkboxes Makes File Moving Using Windows 10 File Explorer Easier

Moving multiple files which are not stack together from one folder to another can be frustrating. But with the Checkboxes feature in Windows 10 File Explorer, this daunting task is made easier.

Quote for Today | 4th May 2020

Great things never come from comfort zone.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Is WhatsApp dark mode a good feature? If yes, how can I start using it in my phone? These are some of the questions I will be providing answers to.

Funny Clip For Today | 3rd May 2020

If you were the one and you were asked: “There are 5 ladies in a room, 4 are wearing trousers while only 1 is wearing gown?” what will be your answer?

HarmonyOS is Set to Push Out Windows From China

Windows, Android, MacOS and others are operating systems are soon going to be pushed out of market by HarmonyOS which is developed by Hauwei.