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Apple is Dumping Intel CPU from Their Mac Computers.

Apple is Dumping Intel CPU from Their Mac Computers post thumbnail

Compared to iPhones and iPads, the Apple Mac have been lagging behind in performance and it has a high-power consumption rate. It is because of this fact, that Apple started testing their MacOS with other CPUs, and found out that running MacOS on their own Apple Silicon CPU chip means better performance for Mac desktop users, and low power consumption for Mac Notebook users.

Hence, Apple while unveiling their new version for their computers of operating system MacOS 11.0 (Big Sur) announces that, they will be stopping production of Mac computers with Intel CPU and start producing Mac computers with Apple Silicon CPU instead. But, since there are still many mac computers with the Intel hardware still in the production pipeline, Apple says that they transition will take 2 years to complete.

However, the new MacOS Big Sur will be the first Apple own operating system that will support this new CPU hardware for Mac.

Why Mac Users Should be Interested

Is Apple decision to dump Intel CPU from their computer something that Apple users should be interested in? Yes. For at least 2 reasons.

Better Performance and Low Power Consumption

As mentioned above, Apple decision to switch to a new CPU hardware for Mac is not because they can produce CPU. It is because they know that the switch will improve the performance and reduce the power consumption of their computer.

The Apple Silicon which they are switching to is the same CPU technology they are using to power iPhones and iPads. So just imagine, the speed of iPhone and iPad now on Mac!

Application Compatibility

It is true, Apple do not intend to just add the CPU they have produced for iPhone into Mac, rather they a producing a whole new Apple Silicon hardware for Mac. Regardless of this fact, the switch to an Apple Silicon powered Mac means that applications on the iOS store for iPhones and iPad can now be usable on a Mac computer!

Isn’t that just amazing?

Why Developers Should be Interested in the Switch

Apple is not making it near impossible for developers whose app is already designed for Mac with Intel CPU to make then now compatible with Mac on the Apple Silicon CPU. They are giving developers to options.

Porting their Apps

Apple have created a Developer Transition Kit which developers can rent so that they will be able to port (recompile) the source code of their existing Inter Mac apps to be compatible with the new Apple Silicon computer.

Developers using this option have full control over the recompiling process of their apps, and thus can modify it the way they want.

Rosetta 2

For developers that are still holding back from porting their Intel Mac apps and making it compatible with Apple Silicon Mac for reason best known to them, Apple have indicated an interest in automatically porting the apps for them using Rosetta 2.

The new MacOS 11.0 Big Sur which is set to be released in fall of 2020 will come preinstalled with Rosetta 2.

Rosetta 2 is a utility that will automatically translate or recompile Intel Mac app that have not been ported by the developer.

In other words, Mac users do not need to concern themselves with finding out whether the newer version of an app they used in a previous Intel Mac have been recompiled to as to be compatible with Silicon Mac. They should just install the app, and it will start working.

So this is a great news for Apple developers.

What do you think about this move by Apple?

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