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Android & iOS Video Chat Apps Created Specifically for Kids.

Android & iOS Video Chat Apps Created Specifically for Kids post thumbnail

We all love it when we engage in video call with a friend or love one. Though video chat consumes more internet data that instant messaging, the feeling of seeing your loved one facial expression as you both converse is truly priceless.

Your children deserve to experience this feeling too, while they chat with their peers (friends) and other family members via the internet. This is why I have taken my time to search out the best video chat apps that not only guarantee your child’s privacy, but also as taken steps to ensure that their platform is also fun and secure for your children to use.

While the list below holds the best Android and iOS video chat app for kids, you should also make your own further research after you have decided to introduce a platform to your child. Mind you, there is nothing like being overly cautious when it comes to the online safety of your child.

So, here are the video chat apps I consider to be the best for your child as of when I was writing this post. Most of them can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

Messenger Kids

This child messaging app created by Facebook is set to be an alternative to Facebook Messenger which is for Adult. Messenger Kids is a great video chat app choice for your kids because, you, the parent has full control over the app.

For example, without the 2-parent permission (yours, and the parent of the other child), your child will not be able to add people to their contact list. Also, you are the one who will decide which of your family member with the Adult Facebook Messenger app that the child will be able to connect to.

Apart from giving you full control over their contact list, you also have control over how much time you want them to spend on the app, and thus, you can set up a bedtime limit for them.

Messenger Kids provides your child with Stickers, GIFS, emojies, drawing tools, sound effects and kid- friendly filter tools, which will help your child express themselves better in a fun way.

One of the nice thing I love about Messenger Kids app for children is that you are not required to buy a mobile SIM for your child in order to set up the app, for it does not need a phone number.

Get Messenger Kids now. Android | iOS

JustTalk Kids

JustTalk Kids screenshot of features

Similar to Messenger Kids, the JustTalk Kids app has an adult version known as JustTalk. This is the ap that parent will use to create the child JustTalk Kids account, add only those they want the children to connect to via video chat or text messages using the app.

But unlike Messenger Kids, JustTalk is a premium app, meaning, you have to pay to get the app. However, as of when I was writing this post, JustTalk says that they are offering free version of the JustTalk Kids app for a limited time. The duration is not specified.

Seeing that Children, because of their way of talking spend more time conversing than adults do, parents can reduce the video quality from HD to 720P, thereby reducing the data consumption. Video chat and text messages by your child on JustKids is end-to-end encrypted. Meaning, not even government officials can listen in, to your child conversation.

More to that is the fact that, JustTalk Kids provides your child an ads free experience. And you the parent can allocate the time you want your child to be able to use the app.

Apart from live video chatting, JustTalk Kids also allows your child to send and receive photos, recorded video and voice messages, stickers, emoji and others. And there are fun and interactive game that they can play along with friends and family while on a live call.

JustTalk Kids is rated age 3+.

Get JustTalk Kids now Android | iOS


Caribu is a creativity and book & reference app that allows you to connect with your child, so that you both can get creative and read together.

Grandparents, aunties and uncles can also join in the fun via a video call with the app.

Apart from drawing and reading, you also can play interesting games like tic-tac-toe and word search puzzles together in a video call, making the experience unforgettable.

Caribu is a free app, but some of the books requires that you pay for them before your child can be allowed to read them either online or offline. However, there are hundreds of child-friendly other free books and activities your child can still enjoy while conversing with love ones.

But in all, Caribu is a great app for your child to video chat with loved ones for free.

Get Caribu now Android | iOS

Other Great Video Chat App

The Android and iOS apps I have listed above are the best apps I could find that was created specifically for children. However, there are other cool video chat apps that can be made safe for Children use. Among them are:


The Skype video platform and app is not meant for children under 13 years of age. However, if when creating a skype account for your child, you enter an age below 13, this will automatically turn on parental control.

With the parental control, you can control who your child chat with using Skype, by limiting them to only people in their contact list.

You can also hide their date of birth, and gender from their profile page so that others will not be able to see that information.

And finally, you can also make your child account not to show up in Skype search by other people. So that only those that have the exact match of your child Skype name or email will be able to see them on Skype.

For more information, click here.

Google Hangouts

Similar to Skype, most of Google’s products are not for children under 13 years of age. However, Google allows parents to create, what is known as Family Account, which will enable their children under the age of 13 to be able to use Google services such as Google Hangouts. Though under supervision.

For more information, click here.


WhatsApp is also a social app for adult. However, if you have full control over who is allowed to be on the phonebook of your child smartphone, then you can allow them to use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also have a Web and desktop version which you the parent can use to keep a tab on who your child is talking to via WhatsApp and what they are talking about.

Note though, that you will not be able to listen in to live video or voice calls except if your child adds you as participant to the call. And that when you log in via a web browser to review their activity, they get notified.

To learn more about WhatsApp web feature, click here.

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