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An unknown network error has occurred? Fix for Instagram

An unknown network error has occurred Fix for Instagram post thumbnail

On Instagram, there is no specific reason why you will be experiencing the An unknown network error has occurred issues. However, the solutions outlined below have been tested and proven to solve the issue.

So here they are.

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Solution 1: Restart the Internet Network.

If you are using your device mobile data, turn on airplane mode, and after some few seconds, turn off the airplane mode back.
Note: do not just turn off the mobile data off and then on.

If you are using a router or a Mi-Fi. Turn if off, and then back on after some time.
Note: do not use the reset button, use the power button instead.

If possible, use different internet service provider for the main time after the unknown network error appears on your Instagram.

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Solution 2: Clear Instagram Cache

Cache are their to give you a smoother experience when using the Instagram application. However, it is not a news that they are the cause of most issues in Instagram.

So if restarting your network does not fix the issue, then then next step is for you to clear the app cache.
Note, what you are clearing is the Cache and not the app data.

For a detail explanation on how to clear the cache of Instagram, read How to Clear an app Cache on Android and iOS Smartphone.

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Solution 3: Correct the Date and Time

It might sound odd. But the fact is, incorrect date and time causes connectivity issues when using an internet app.

So, if the 2 solution above did not work for you, look at the date and time of your device. If it is incorrect, correct it.
Also take note of your time zone. Your time might be correct, but the zone is not. If this is the case, then do the needful.

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Solution 4: Restart your Device

If all the solution above fails, which should not, you are left with one option.

This option will definitely fix the an unknown network error has occurred you are experiencing. The option is for you to restart your phone.

That is, Turn off the phone, then turn it back on after some few seconds.

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