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An Explanation on What Browser Cache is.

Illustrating the importance of cache in a browser

Sometimes when people are browsing, they notice that, the webpage (website) they are viewing in not displaying the complete content.

For that reason, they have to refresh the page.

This might happen not because their internet connection was slow as of when their browser is loading the website, neither might it be because they were using an older version of browsers.

This in most cases happens because of some abnormalities in the browser’s cache.

What is a Browser Cache?

A cache is a feature in almost all browsers, that enable them to store offline, some static contents of a website.

Static Contents. What are Those?

You might have noticed that in some websites, not every thing changes whenever you refresh a page or go to another page in the website.

These contents are what is referred to as static content.


Whenever you visit my website, you will notice that the images I used for my social media icons does not keep changing.

Also, neither does the images in a post, or even the layout of this blog keep changing.

In this regard, most (if not all) browsers, will download these images, and layout, then save it in the cache folder.

So that anytime you come to my blog or a post in the blog, and the images and layout have similar attributes to the ones in cache, then the browser instead of downloading the images and layout style afresh, it will just bring it up from the cache.

Download Images or Page Layout?


Anytime you visit a webpage, everything in that page is downloaded into your device RAM.

That is why even after you have turn off your internet connection, you can still read through content of the page, provided you do not close the browser tab in which they are opened.

Why Cache is Important

Cache exist because of the ideology that surfing the internet will be faster if only the internet lives on your device and not on the cloud.


Let’s say it took 1 seconds for the browser to download the layout of this post. And another 1 seconds to range all the contents in their positions. That is a total of 2 seconds.

If the layout already is in your browser’s cache, then the 1 second used for downloading it will be bypassed, and thus it will take the browser only 1 display this post properly,

Isn’t that fast?

Clearing Browser’s Cache

As I have mentioned on the onset, abnormalities in cache can make the browser not to display a webpage properly.

It con even cause you to be logged out of a website.

When this is not a 1 time occurrence, it is recommended to reset your browser’s cache first by clearing it.

If clearing your cache did not fix the issue, then you can write to the admin of the website. Because you have confirmed that it is not a cache abnormality issue.

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