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All You Need to Know About the IKR Abbreviation.

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The internet is full of initializations and abbreviations, and IKR is among those numerous abbreviations you can use both online and offline.

What IKR Means?

IKR or ikr simply means I Know, Right?

This abbreviation can be used both in online and offline communications. It is mostly used when you totally agree with what someone else says, and you were relieved to learnt that it is not only you that have such thought, idea or feeling, that someone else shares it with you.

How to use IKR.

The abbreviation IKR can be substituted for the word Yes or I Know. Thus, it can be used as a standalone word, or as a preceding before explaining why you feel or think a certain way.

However, both the phrase I Know, Right? and its abbreviation IKR is use mainly in informal conversations. So, it is not appropriate to be used in a formal setting.

Example of how to use IKR

A friend might be expressing is frustration following an online recipe for pizza. Then you might respond, IKR, that’s why I always order my pizzas.

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Origin of IKR

According to Google Trends, the abbreviation receives high usage in 2009, but its popularity can be traced back to 2004 when the movie Mean Girls was released.

However, it is believed IKR or the phrase I Know, Right? has been around since the 1990s.

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