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All you Need to Know About Router Logins (Username, Password,

All you Need to Know About Router Logins (Username, Password, post thumbnail

Have you ever heard someone said ‘don’t use a public Wi-Fi to access your sensitive data if you are not using a VPN’? well, if you have, I am here to tell you, that can be said about your own home router that gives out Wi-Fi connection.

When you are using a router to gain internet connection, then all your internet activities go through the router. And if you do not protect it, then you will have a fake sense of security. Thankfully, router manufacturers knows this, and that is why they have provided you a way to customize your router settings the way you want it.

What is

All router has this or a similar number sequence. This number is known as the IP address of the router, and it is used to access the router’s settings. Though, the router’s settings is protected by a login page.

The Router Login Page

As I have earlier mentioned, all devices providing internet connections (be it routers, Mi-Fi, or modern) have a login page from which you can access the devices settings which will enable you do so many things. Like, see who is connected to your router, change the router Wi-Fi password and name, block certain website from being access by people connected to the router and more. However, what you can do after you have logged into a router is largely dependent on how the router manufacture programmed it.

Nevertheless, if you leave it unprotected, then hackers and other can do serious damage because they do not need any special hacking tool, all they need is to google the router’s manufacturer default security settings, and bam, they are in.

Your router settings is protected by a login page and this can be accessed through the router’s IP address. But, to gain access into your router, you need not only the IP address to the login page, but you also need the router login username and password. Below, I will be listing the login page IP address, username and password of most popular router providers.

Popular Router Login Details

The default login username and password for most routers are:

Username: admin or user

Password: admin, or user, or password

You can alternate the combination to find which one will log you into your router. If you do not want to go through that stress, here are the popular router login details I was able to discover.

Router Name (IP Address)UsernamePassword
ZTE ( or 192.168. 1.1)admin, or useradmin or password
D-link (
Digicom (
Telo Systems (
Apple iphoneIOS4.X (
11Wave 11WA-321A ( public
Netgear (
Asus (
Swift 4G LTE
Billion (
Cisco (

There numerous router manufacturers which I am not able to list here, because I might have not even heard of it. But you might be using their router. If that is the case, the router’s IP address, username and password, will be printed on a sticker (mostly white sticker) on the back or bottom of the router. So, check it to find it out.

If, the connect of the sticker is no longer readable, you can do a quick search on the internet, or you can call your internet service provider help center, and they will provide you with these details.

Note that the username and password are case sensitive. So, admin is not the same as Admin.

How to Access Your Router’s Settings

In order to access your router settings, you need to first connect your device to the router either through Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. Do not be cut off guard, ethernet cable is the same as a telephone wire.

After you have connected either your smartphone or your computer to the router, you need to open any web browser and then type in the router’s IP Address. Then hit the Enter button as you would when you want to visit a website.
Note, if you have not connected your device to the router, then the router’s login page will not show.

Now, type in the username and password of your router (as shown above, or the one in the router sticker or the one the router help center provided), then click on the login button.

That is it. You are in.

Now you can configure your router the way you want. You can also change the login details, so that protect your router from unauthorized access.

How to Reset your Router’s Login Details

Now, since logging into your router is not something you do every now and then, it is quite easy for you to forget the login username and password especially if you have changed them. To reset them, you have 3 options.

  1. Take the router to the office of your internet service provider and ask them to reset the password for you.
  2. Visit the router’s login page via the IP address, then click on the Forgot password or Reset password link and follow the on-screen instruction.
  3. Long press the reset button on the router until it goes off and on.

Best way to Secure Your Router

Disable wireless connection and use an ethernet cable connection instead.

It might sound odd to you, but it is virtually the most secure way to protect your router. This is because it is only router with wireless connection that can be hacked remotely. For someone to be able to hack a router that has disable its wireless connection and now uses only ethernet cable connection, then hacker needs to break into your home and add his or her own ethernet cable into the router,  or remove the ethernet cable attached to your computer and use it on his own.

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