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All you need to know about IMVU Live Room

All you need to know about IMVU Live Room post thumbnail

While IMVU allows its users the ability to create private rooms, so they can organize a get-together with friends and family using the IMVU platform, the main focus of IMVU is to help their users discover new people, so that they can connect and become friends; and just have a great time chatting and hanging out.

This is why most of the rooms in IMVU is available to the public. However, public room is available to a maximum of 10 participants (presenters). This makes it difficult to enter a room you love, because if you do find the room fascinating to join, others will too.

To solve this problem, IMVU introduced a feature called LIVE ROOM.

What is Live Rooms

In IMVU Live Rooms are public rooms with viewers outside, seeing and commenting on what is going on inside the room.

It is like going to watch a game or show, there may be hundreds even thousands of viewers, but few people are actually playing the game or performing in the show.

So, when you join a live room that is full, your avatar will not walk into the room. But you can let other viewers know of your presence by commenting on the room discussions.

How to Host a Live Room in IMVU

To be able to host a Live Room in IMVU, you need 2 things.

  1. You must have a Room. Not a private room but a public one.
  2. You need a Live Room Host Subscription.

How to buy Live Room Host Subscription

After you have signed into your IMVU account, click on the Credit icon which is at the top-right and then Buy Credits.

Next, scroll down to the Hosting section and select the Host Token subscription of your choice. As of when I was writing this article, there are only 3 Host Token subscription package, this is shown in the image below.

After you have selected the right subscription package for you, add it to cart and checkout following the on-screen instructions.

Durability of Host Subscription

Host subscription for Live Room is a monthly subscription. Meaning each Host Token, you buy will make your room be live for 1 month. If you want to keep it live for longer, you will need to renew your subscription. Also 1 token can only be used for 1 room.

How to make your Room go LIVE

After you have purchased a Host Token for Live Rooms, navigate to Chat > My Rooms, then select the room you want to go live with.

It the room is not a public room, click on the Gear icon which is on the room card after you have selected it. Then toggle the Make This Room Public button right.

Once the room is now public, scroll down the Edit Room Settings page to the Room Access Control section. Then toggle the Live Room button on and click Save.

Once the room is live, you will see an eye icon. This is to let you know which of your rooms is a Live Room. Also, after you have gone live, participants of the room need to re-enter the room.

How to Access and Join Live Rooms in IMVU

Click on the Chat tab then on Live Rooms.

From the list of rooms, select the Live Room you like and click on the Join button. Here is a brief animation that shows all the process.

It is important to note that in the list of Live Room, it is the most active rooms with space for you to join the conversation that will be listed first.

Also, when you enter a Live Room, you are automatically set as a viewer even if there is still space for presenters. This is the default settings. However, if there is still space for your avatar to be in the room, click on the Tap here to go Live with your avatar icon which is at the top-left.

How to Join in the Live Room Viewer Conversations

Because your avatar is not in the room, what you want to say will not appear on the head of any avatar in the room. However, there is a chat dialogue at the bottom of the screen which enables everyone (the Live Room host, the Presenters and Viewers) to communicate with each other.

So, you are not a dummy viewer in the IMVU Live Room. Note though, that everyone in the room have an option to hide the comments from Viewers, so that they will only see those of the Presenters and host. And you will not get notified when someone hides viewers comment. Hence, do not be surprised when you are talking and no one is responding to you.

To hide the conversations from Viewers in a Live Room, click on the filter icon at the bottom of the screen, before the Smile icon, then click the Presenters’ Messages Only option.

If you think that this article is missing an important aspect of the IMVU Live Room feature, please let me know via comments.

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