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All the Valheim armor and how to craft it

Valheim Posing Bronze ArmorSource: Nick Sutrich | Windows Central

Crafting armor and shields in Valheim is one of the reasons it’s fast becoming one of the best survival games for pc. Sure, it’s amazing to build amazing bases and homes, but there’s something special about adventuring out into the wilderness, finding something you’ve never seen before, taking it back home, and turning it into something you can wear. Whether it’s killing wolves on your way to kill the Valheim bosses or just exploring the great outdoors you can, many items can be turned into something that’ll make you better and stronger than before.

Armor Sets

Each piece of armor has its own stats and can be mixed and matched to your liking, but some sets provide additional buffs when worn as a complete set. Be sure to consider how you’ll be adventuring before you set out. Some armor is crafted at a workbench, while others will require you to visit a forge, instead. All armor can be upgraded from a workbench or forge and will receive improved stats.

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Troll Leather Tunic Craft

Source: Windows Central / Nick Sutrich

Just like Minecraft, recipes are unlocked once you’ve collected the materials required to craft an item. For instance, once you get your first bar of copper, you’ll suddenly unlock lots of new items to craft — displayed via handy pop-up notifications on the screen.

All armor adds weight to your character, reducing your ability to carry heavy items. It might be worth equipping lighter armor when going out to mine or chop wood, for example, so that you can bring a few extra items back per trip. All armor has a durability rating that will be reduced with each hit in battle.

You’ll also want to note the special attributes for some sets. Troll armor, for instance, will make you stealthily quiet and help you both hunt more effectively, as well as avoid unnecessary mob encounters when out and about.

Rag set

This is the first tier of armor in the game. It’s better than being naked, but only just barely. All characters start with a rag tunic equipped. Rag pants can be crafted after building a workbench and slaying enough boar to get the leather scraps needed.

Name Description Materials Needed Inventory Image
Rag Tunic ○ Weight: 2.0
○ Durability: 200
○ Armor: 1
○ Special attribute: none
○ 5 x leather scraps Valheim Rag Tunic
Rag Pants ○ Weight: 2.0
○ Durability: 200
○ Armor: 1
○ Special attribute: none
○ 5 x leather scraps Valheim Rag Pants

Leather set

Leather is a pretty decent step up from rag armor and can be quickly crafted by killing deer and obtaining their pelts. Leather armor is not only twice as durable as rag armor, but it provides twice the amount of armor and sports a craftable helm, making this the first proper full set of armor in the game.

Bronze set

Bronze armor recipes are unlocked the moment you pick up your first bronze bar, which is crafted at the forge by combining 2 copper bars with 1 tin bar. All bronze armor is also crafted at the forge.

Troll set

Troll armor holds a rather fascinating paradox; despite coming from one of the largest, clumsiest creatures in the game, wearing the full set — that’s all four pieces at the same time — affords you a 25% sneak bonus. Troll armor is the first one you’ll craft in the game that’s a four-piece set and includes the Troll Cape, which is found in the capes section below. You’ll get the recipe after collecting troll hide for the first time and can craft it at a level 3 workbench.

Iron set

Iron armor is the second metal armor set in the game and is an upgrade over bronze armor. Like bronze armor, iron armor is crafted at the forge. You’ll unlock iron armor recipes when you get your first iron bar, which is smelted from scrap iron found in the swamp biome. Iron armor requires a level 2 forge to craft.

Wolf set

Wolf armor is what you’ll need if you want to venture to the mountains biome without freezing to death. Unlike troll armor, which requires the full set to grant the sneak buff, wearing just the wolf armor chest or the wolf fur cape will grant frost resistance. The wolf fur cape is the easiest thing to make here and should be done first so you can more easily collect the resources needed to craft the other pieces.

Wolves and silver are, ironically, found in the mountains biome that this armor protects against. Try to keep campfires nearby for warmth or drink frost mead to help with frost protection so you can get your first piece crafted. Your first wolf pelt or silver bar will unlock these recipes. All wolf-named pieces can be crafted at level 2 forge, while the Drake helm only requires a level 1 forge.

Padded set

Padded armor, despite its cushy name, is actually the toughest armor in the game at this time. Padded armor recipes are unlocked after crafting linen thread — a material crafted on a spinning wheel using flax, which is found in the plains biome. Padded armor has no special qualities other than being super strong and surprisingly light.


While some capes are part of a set, most can simply be worn as a fashion statement. Whether you’re trying to look like Thor with his red cape or finishing up that extra-sneaky Troll armor, capes generally add very little armor but a whole lot of style. All capes are made at the workbench. These capes are listed in order of durability.


These shields will help you stay alive in combat. All shields can be used in conjunction with any one-handed weapon. Smaller shields won’t provide as much damage resistance as tower shields, but smaller shields allow you to parry and move around more quickly than a tower shield. These shields are listed in order of their block power and base stats when first built. Shields can be upgraded at the workbench or forge for improved stats.

Suit up for battle

Valheim is still early access, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to see and do. Every time you find something new in the game, that means you can make something new. It’s a great incentive to venture forth and explore on a whim, find what’s next, and defeat bigger and badder foes as you make a heaven out of this hell of a purgatory.

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This post was written by Nicholas Sutrich and was first posted to WindowsCentral

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