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Adobe error code 109 [Problem Reading This Document]

Open them with Adobe Reader and the error is no more.

Stellar Repair for PDF

Stellar Repair for PDF

Effective PDF repair software for damaged files. Fix Adobe Error 109 and other problems as well.

3. Open the PDF With Alternative Software

Open PDFs with File Viewer Plus 3

If you’re sure the PDF is not in any way corrupted, try opening the document with alternative software. That might not really be a fix for error 109, but alternative PDF software might at least open the document.

With over 300 file types supported, we recommend using File Viewer Plus 3. Not only it will be able to open almost any kind of file you have on your computer, but you can also print and convert files from one format to another.

And if you might need to quickly edit a document or make small changes to a photo, you can do that right within this software. The latest version provides light and dark themes alongside the new user interface making it a joy to use it.

File Viewer Plus 3

File Viewer Plus 3

Looking for an universal file opener? There is no match for this powerful software.

4. Select the Repair Installation Option

Adobe Reader includes a Repair Installation option that might come in handy for fixing the error 109. That setting repairs the software’s installation files. Open Adobe Reader and click Help and Repair Adobe Reader Installation. Thereafter, restart Windows when Adobe notifies you to do so.

Having issues with AdobeGCClient.exe? Fix the system error with our full guide

5. Don’t Open PDFs With the Adobe Acrobat DC Chrome Extension

If you’re utilizing the Adobe Acrobat DC Chrome extension to open PDFs, save the PDF to a folder so you can open it with the Adobe Reader desktop software outside the browser.

Adobe’s browser extensions aren’t always as reliable as its standalone software for opening PDFs. A PDF will not open if there’s a corrupted browser plug-in.

6. Download the PDF File Again

It might be the case that there’s something up with the PDF file. If it didn’t download correctly (otherwise a partial download), the PDF might be corrupted. So, if you downloaded the PDF, download it again.

Those are a few resolutions that might fix the Adobe Reader error 109 issue. If you any other fix that fixed error 109 for you, feel free to share it below.

FAQ: Learn more about Adobe Reader

  • How do I get Adobe Reader?

You can easily get Adobe Reader by clicking the link in the first solution of this guide.

  • What is the difference between Adobe Acrobat and Reader?

Adobe Reader is a free app that allows you just to open PDF files, while Adobe Acrobat has some more features available and is not free.

  • Do I need Adobe Reader on my computer?

It is recommended to have Adobe Reader on your PC, as you might need it to open a PDF file at some point.

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