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A new way to Chat. IMVU What is it and How it Works.

A new way to Chat. IMVU What is it and How it Works post thumbnail

We all love staying connected with friends and family either in person or electronically via a chat service like Facebook or WhatsApp. And with the advent of video calls, chatting takes a new turn that everybody loved.

But do you know? Rather than go through the mark-up stress every time you want to engage in video chat, you can create a 3D avatar that best represent you, dress it up as you would have dressed offline, and walk the avatar in a room with all your friends, so that you can perform actions like high-five, dance, or even give your friend a big warm hug as you all are chatting.

Well, that is what IMVU is all about.

What is IMVU

First off, IMVU is not an acronym or abbreviation. The name of the chat service is IMVU.

IMVU is an online service that allows its users to create 3D representation of themselves, or anyone they want their avatar to look like.

Then using the created avatar, the user can walk in to a public room such as dance clubs, hospitals and others, so as to chat with those there and also make new friends.

If you are not a fan of chatting with people you do not know offline, IMVU has a buddy list you can add your offline friends to, who have an IMVU account, so that when you all are ready for a group chat, you can create a room type of your choice and gather them together to the room.

Simply put, IMVU is a graphic instant messaging service, that allows you to chat not only via text but also via avatar reactions, moves and others.

Take a look at the video below.

How does IMVU Works

Similar to all other online service, if you want to use IMVU you need to visit the IMVU website and create an account with them. Then you sign in to your account, create an avatar, customize it the way you want, create or join already created rooms by friends you know or by other IMVU users and then chat with those in the room in a fun and interactive way. You can even play music.

Getting Started with IMVU

As I have mentioned, using IMVU is not complicated.

After you have signed up, you will be shown the IMVU software download link, download it and install it on your computer or smartphone. Open the program and sign in with your username and password.

There is a built-in tutorial that will walk you through the process of creating your avatar and customizing it. The tutorial will also show you how to change the mood, reactions and also how to perform actions with your avatar. So, there is no much for me to say.

But if you do not want to download IMVU on your device, you can still use IMVU via your web browser. Just visit the IMVU website.

Is IMVU Free?

Yes. IMVU is a free graphic instant messaging service.

However, IMVU has a creator program where artist can create all sort of items that can be used to customize avatar or rooms. An IMVU creator can then decide whether to sell the item he has created or to provide it as a free item to other users.

If you are familiar with graphics editing program such as Corel Paint Shop Prom Adobe Photoshop (for graphics) or Autodesk 3ds Max, and Flash (for animations and games) you can improve the style and appearance of items that is already in IMVU. After creating your design, you will need to use IMVU’s Previewer software to upload it to the appropriate catalog, either for sale to other IMVU users or free for your use only. If you do make it for sale, IMVU takes a commission from each sale of your item.

Click to learn more about the IMVU creator program.

IMVU Credits

Most items in IMVU can be bought using your credit or debit card. But if you want to buy multiple items, it will be cheaper for you to use IMVU Credits. As of now, IMVU have 3 different type of credits.

Regular Credit

Also known as IMVU Real Credit. This is the main currency in IMVU. You can buy them with your cards. IMVU Real Credit is sold from 5,000 and above, where every 1,000 credits cost $1. But if you are buying more than 15,000 IMVU Real Credits, you get a discount.

Promotional Credit

Unlike IMVU Real Credit, Promotional Credit are not bought but earned. For example, as a new IMVU user, you get 1,000 promo credits when you create your avatar and go through the tutorial. You can also get promo credits when you engage in other activities in IMVU like checking out new products, getting referrals from friends, or spinning a prize wheel each day. Engaging in promotions from IMVU partners also earn you Promotional Credits.

Promotional Credits can be used as Regular IMVU credits which is bought except on some few occasions.

Dev Credit     

Also known as developer credit is earned by creator of IMVU contents whenever a user buys their item. They get this Dev Credit alongside the regular credit (price) they will get for each sale.

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