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Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams

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What are the best PC monitors

Monitors, otherwise VDUs (Visual Display Units), can get outdated pretty quickly. So if your desktop is getting a little outdated, the VDU that came with it probably already is. However, what monitor should you go for in 2019?

Companies list various specifications for their VDUs. Resolution and refresh rate (otherwise the frame rate) are two of the more significant specs. A monitor with a higher resolution displays more pixels and has a sharper, more detailed picture quality.

However, most higher-res monitors usually have lower refresh rates, which is an important gaming spec. A monitor with a higher refresh rate will have a better frame rate (FPS) for smoother gameplay.

Another thing to note is whether a monitor has adaptive sync, which matches the GPU’s and VDU’s frame rates to eliminate screen tearing. A monitor might have Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Although they have the same effect, you must have an Nvidia graphics card for G-Sync and an AMD video card for FreeSync. A VDU’s G-Sync will not work if you have a desktop with an AMD graphics card.

The diagonal width of a VDU is another notable specification. Of course, the bigger the monitor the better; but you’ll need extra desk space to fit a more expansive VDU.

Some VDUs also have curved designs, which the companies that design them tell us gives the monitors a greater sense of immersion and a larger field of view.

Aside from that, panel type (IPS or TN), response time, and aspect ratio are other VDU specifications worth noting.

These are some of the best PC monitors for 2020 that generally have high specs.

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