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8 best portable solar chargers for laptop and phone

  • External Backup Battery
  • 28 LEDs and 3 USB Output Ports
  • 26,800mAh Wireless Power Bank
  • Can take a long time to charge

Solar Charger 26800mAh, GRDE Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank can charge up to 4 devices at the same time which means that in general, you could charge your phone about 10 times and an iPad Pro for about 2 times.

The solar charger includes 28 LED lights which makes it fantastic as a night light as well, offering great illumination.

It’s a great choice for the outdoor environment since is waterproof, drop-proof, and even dust-proof. A great choice for outside activities.

  • Fits easily in most backpacks
  • Built-in pocket to store devices and cords
  • 13 Watt efficient monocrystalline solar technology

The Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel comes with 1 USB port for connectivity. It can be attached easily to where you need it and fits in most backpacks.

For frequent travelers, the charger can be hung on a backpack if you have any available loops. The solar charger fuels up quickly.

Compared to traditional solar panels, The Goal Zero Unisex’s Nomad 50 Solar Panel charger generates more electricity. It can serve up to 50 watts of energy, despite the small size of its solar panel.

You can adjust the panels to receive the best sunlight coverage using its stand. It charges with an available USB port, though there is no internal storage space, meaning you need to charge the laptop in the sun.

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This solar charger ships with a 125-watt solar panel and a 1500-watt pure sine wave inverter system. However, you may need at least a 200-ampere-hour battery to store energy from the solar panel. The charger is great for your power requirements on weekends and long trips.

The Weekender system combines a single solar kit and a pure sine wave inverter to produce a complete RV power package.

It includes components that allow convenient access to AC or solar power through your breaker panel. It also lets you charge batteries from both shore and solar power. 

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If you live in a remote place and depend only on renewable energy sources, then the X-Dragon is for you. The system generates 20 watts of power and works more efficiently than most solar-powered chargers since its panels are 25% more efficient than other chargers.

The X-Dragon leverages solar technology and adjusts the current and voltage in accordance with the device that you are charging.

You can easily fold the solar charger for convenient transportation. It includes two USB ports and has a slim design for portability. The device also lets you charge different devices at once without sacrificing quality and performance.

There’s no doubt that portable solar laptop chargers are your best companion while you are traveling for work or leisure, as renewable energy sources like sunlight are the most reliable form of power while outside. Picking the best laptop solar chargers, however, can be a tricky task.

If you think we missed other top-quality portable solar chargers for laptops, let us know in the comments below!

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FAQ: Learn more about portable solar chargers

  • Are Portable Solar Chargers any good?

Portable solar chargers are a great choice for outdoor activities or when traveling often.

  • What is the best portable solar charger?

There are many great options so make sure to check out our comprehensive list of portable solar chargers to make an informed decision.

  • Can you charge a power bank with a solar panel?

In general, most USB power banks will work just fine with solar panels with a USB output. Just makes sure to check it first.

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