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6 Best Monitor Stand Risers With Storage

At some point in our lives, we all have set our monitors or laptops on a stack of books to raise the height. Though it gets the work down, it also makes you lose valuable desk space, which you can otherwise utilize to keep your stationaries, books, smartphone, etc. Thankfully, that’s not the end of the road. There is an ample number of monitor stand risers that let you raise your monitor or laptop’s height and lets you have a more organized look by letting you keep your essential things nearby.

6 Best Monitor Stand Risers With Storage

Unlike conventional monitor arms, desk risers do not let you have the flexibility of a clean desk. Nevertheless, they let you utilize the desk space cleverly. Some monitor stand riser lets you slip your keyboard under it. More importantly, the humble riser helps you have a better posture, thereby eventually having you from neck pains or back problems.

So, if you have an impossibly cluttered work desk, here are some monitor riser with storage space that will help you tame the clutter.

Let’s get started.

1. lexvss Monitor Riser Stand

lexvss Monitor Riser Stand

Not everyone wants a monitor stand that stands out starkly on their table. If you are one of them, you should check out the lexvss Monitor Riser Stand. This riser keeps things to a bare minimum and keeps things simple. The feature which makes it unique is its adjustable width. Yes, you read that right. The arms of this monitor riser are foldable, and the length can vary between 16.5-inch and 20.5-inch. So if you prefer to have a wide berth, this stand lets you do so.

Apart from the sleek drawer and phone mount at the front, you will also find USB 3.0 ports options at the front to charge your phone and other accessories. And guess what, you can slide the phone mount inside when not in use.

It’s sturdy and can hold the weight of most monitors, including iMac. If we talk numbers, this one can take weight up to 55 pounds.

However, at around $50, this one is a bit pricey compared to its peers. But the good news is that the flexibility and solid build do their bit to justify the price tag.

If you are looking for a similar but affordable proposition, you can check out the Jelly Comb Store Monitor Stand Riser.

2. Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser

Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser

How does the sound of a bamboo monitor riser sound to you? If you favor buying eco-friendly products, you can’t go wrong with the one from Tribesigns. It’s an elegant stand that not only raises the height of your desk but also gives you ample space to store your books, phone, and charger (or even chocolates). Simultaneously, there is a good deal of space (2-inches) between the second level and the tabletop to keep a few knick-knacks.

This riser also has a neat hole at the back to help you thread the power cables and video input cables to your monitor.

This product has a width of around 22-inches, making it apt to place both laptops and wide monitors without the whole rig looking misaligned. There are a couple of grooves to keep pens, phones, or notebooks. Though they come in handy, they also tend to collect dust in the long run. So unless you are looking to have it cleaned meticulously every other day, you may want to consider this point.

Best Monitor Stand Risers With Storage Tribesigns2

The reception of the Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser has been great so far. Users praise its sturdiness, quality of material, and easy assembly process. However, do note that you may require a few extra screws to assemble. A few people have complained that the screws that come with the table are short.

3. Bambloom Store Monitor Stand Riser

Bambloom Store Monitor Stand Riser

If the above riser’s rustic look is not your cup of tea, you can have a peek at the Bambloom Store Monitor Stand Riser. It’s a sleek riser that expands the functionality of your desk by several folds. For one, it has two drawers at the front on which you can keep everything from your notebook to your wireless mouse or extra HDMI cables. One of the advantages that it has over the above riser is that it comes pre-assembled, saving you both time and effort.

It has a solid build and is sturdy, meaning the stand won’t wobble on its own. If we talk numbers, it can hold weights up to 80 pounds. There’s ample space between the bottom of the drawers and the tabletop, thereby giving you enough space to stow your compact laptop or keyboard.

If we talk numbers, this sleek monitor riser elevates the height by about 4.7-inches.

It also comes with grooves for holding coffee mugs, pens, smartphones. The Bambloom Store Monitor Stand Riser is available in many colors. You can either opt for a white look or go for natural wooden color.

4. Coogou Wooden Monitor Stand Riser

Coogou Wooden Monitor Stand Riser

The Coogou Wooden Monitor Stand Riser elevates the height of your screen and lets you store a slew of things. There are no drawers. You get open storage space on three levels. It raises the height by around 3.1-inch, and you can store your keyboard inside when you are done for the day, thereby keeping up with the clean look.

This particleboard riser can hold weight up to 100 pounds. It comes unassembled but thankfully, assembling the product is easy and straightforward. If you know your way around tools, this shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes of your time.

Best Monitor Stand Risers With Storage Coogou2

Quite a few users have reported that the screws do not sit flush with the particle boards. It can be annoying, especially if you are a stickler for neatness. On the upside, the customer service actively responds to user queries.

The Coogou Wooden Monitor Stand Riser is available in two sizes of 29.5-inch and 31.5-inch.

5. Jolly Chef Metal Mesh Desk Organizer

Jolly Chef Metal Mesh Desk Organizer

If you are looking for a compact and straightforward monitor stand riser, then the Jolly Chef Metal Mesh Desk Organizer makes for a good buy. This one helps to keep things simple and transparent. It has two sets of drawers to keep your stationaries. The whole rig is just 15.8-inches in width will fit most laptops, including the smaller MacBooks. More importantly, this riser is cheaper compared to its counterparts above.

The company hasn’t cut any corners, especially when it comes to the drawers. They slide out smoothly. Plus, they are spacious enough to hold a number of your stuff like spends, paper, paper clips (aren’t those annoying?), among others.

Best Monitor Stand Risers With Storage jolly2

One of the limitations of having a mesh stand riser is that the insides tend to collect dust easily, especially if you live in an arid place. You do not have to lose your hair, pulling out the drawers to search for some misplaced items on the upside.

6. Simple Trending Metal Monitor Riser

Simple Trending Metal Monitor Riser

Another monitor stands riser that offers a better visual of your screen is the one by Simple Trending. This is a simple mesh-based monitor riser with a drawer at the front and a couple of pockets on the sides. Let not the mesh build deter you from buying it, for this can hold weight up to 50 pounds. So unless you have a cumbersome monitor (or a gaming laptop), this should cater to your needs well. However, if you have one of those gaming monitors with an extensive base, you might want to double-check the width.

It’s easy to assemble. While the 14-inch width is apt for monitors, it can fall on most laptops’ shorter end. But should it fit well, the perforations on the stand will allow for better heat dissipation. Plus, the black mesh makes for an obtrusive look.

For the price, the build is decent. However, it lacks a little in the sturdiness department. Regardless of that, the drawers slide out smoothly and is deep enough to hold lighter laptops like Chromebooks. If we talk numbers, this monitor riser raises the height by around 2.25-inch.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for an affordable monitor riser, this one proves to be an ideal option.

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