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6 best audio editing software for podcasts

Reaper Podcast Editor

Reaper is a multi-channel audio recording software that can be used for recording and mixing purposes. For the features on offer, Reaper is reasonably priced at $60 for individuals.

The user interface of Reaper is not the most intuitive as it starts with a blank canvas and leaves the user guessing where to start. However, the software is fast and highly efficient when it comes to the editing and mixing of tracks.

Reaper offers all the basic audio editing features like copy, paste, insert, and effects. However, it does miss out on built-in virtual instruments and loops.

The latest version of the Reaper comes with new features that include Notation editor, support for VST3 plugin, FX browser improvements, FX parameter automation, and media explorer improvement, etc.

Reaper is a highly flexible software that offers some of the best tools for audio editing at a fraction of the cost when compared to another premium DAW software. Make sure to grab the free evaluation copy before making the purchase.

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There are tons of DAW software, and we have mentioned a few of them earlier in other recommendations, however, for this guide, we tried to find the software that can help you edit a podcast or voice over for a video.

Audacity is a free audio editor and is suitable for beginners. WavePad editor, on the other hand, offers an improved set of functionality at an affordable price tag. If you work with Adobe Creative Cloud tools, then Adobe Audition will serve you best.

If you want something more sophisticated and a podcaster with high production value have a look at Hindenburg Journalist.

What do you think? Do you use any of the software mentioned above or prefer a different podcast editor? Do let us know your pick in the comments below.

FAQ: Learn more about podcasts editing software

  • Where can I edit podcasts?

You can edit podcasts in Adobe Audition, WavePad Audio, and Image Line FL12, but you can choose other audio editing software for podcasts.

  • Should you edit your podcast?

It is not necessary to go for editing your podcast, but professionals will always want to reach perfection, so they will edit their podcasts in order to apply effects to clips, to adapt noise reduction, to rub out background sound and batch processing to apply effects to multiple files.

  • How long does it take to edit a podcast episode?

The process of editing may take around 90 minutes for recording a podcast, then mixing and improving the track is 90 minutes and finally, the editing process takes about 60 minutes.

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