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6 Best Alexa-Compatible Smart Power Strips That You Can Buy

Smart plugs help to eke smartness into dumb devices. Imagine being able to control your aquarium’s light as per a fixed schedule. However, a smart plug helps in smartening just a single or two devices. If you want this convenience to multiply, your best bet would be a smart power strip. Like conventional power strips, you can connect several devices all at the same time. Only this time, you will be able to add the smarts to a group of devices instead of just one. Add your smart assistant of choice like Amazon Alexa, and you will be sorted.

Best Alexa Compatible Smart Power Strips That You Can Buy

With smart power strips, you get the option of removing multiple smart plugs and replace them with a single strip. Apart from a unified control, you also get more free electrical outlets at your disposal.

So, if you use a voice assistant like the Amazon Echo Show or the Echo Spot with Amazon Alexa, here are some of the best smart power strips that work with Alexa. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Sipailing Smart Power Strip

  • Total Outlets: 3
  • USB Ports: No

Sipailing  Smart Power Strip

The Sipailing Smart Power Strip makes for a good buy if you do not want to spend a fortune on a smart home device. This Alexa compatible strip keeps things simple and brings home four smart power outlets. It saves up hours while setting up by taking only a few minutes. All thanks to the simple and straightforward app. Alexa compatibility means you will be able to use Alexa voice commands seamlessly.

So, whether it’s a coffee machine or fish tank’s lights, you will be able to control them through voice or remotely via the app. And features like Timers and Schedules are the cherry on top. You can edit the outlet’s name to make it easier in the long run for voice commands.

The design is simple and clever. All the outlets are evenly spaced and have enough space in between to prevent overcrowding.

2. Powsav Smart Power Strip

  • Total Outlets: 10, 5 smart
  • USB Ports: Yes, 4

Powsav Smart Power Strip

Another smart power strip that you can have a peek at if you are on a budget is the one by Powsav. It bundles a total of ten power outlets, out of which 5 are smart. The best part is that the smart plugs are grouped to one side, allowing for easy setup. Alexa integration is simple and easy and several users on Amazon back that. Once all the plugs are named properly, you can use your Echo device to issue voice commands.

For instance, if you have named your aquarium lights as Fish, you can simply say, “Alexa, turn off fish” command. Yes, as simple as that. The best part is that it comes with options for Schedules. If you have your porch light connected or your smart cooker, you can just set the time, and it will be taken care of.

It’s a versatile device and comes with four USB-A ports, and you can plug in USB-lights and other similar devices.

The Powsav power strip is durable and sturdy; however, it has some limitations. Even though it’s a smart device, you won’t be able to see the individual outlets’ energy consumption. Plus, with each outlet placed close to each other, you might have issues plugging in devices with a wide plug.

3. TECKIN Smart Power Strip

  • Total Outlets: 4
  • USB Ports: 4

TECKIN Smart Power Strip

The Teckin Smart Power Strip is reasonably priced. While it may not pack as many power outlets as you’d want, the four outlets are apt for you if you have a tiny setup. The highlight of this strip is its minimalist look and compact design. The former makes it easy to blend in. It has all the usual flavors like Timer function, individual outlet control, and control via the Alexa voice commands. You have to remember to name the outlets properly with dissimilar names and you should be sorted.

Set up and adding the smart strip is easy and straightforward. Several users have backed that as part of their user reviews on Amazon.

This power strip bundles dedicated LED lights for all the smart outlets. While they provide the needed peace of mind, they can be quite distracting, especially if you have placed the strip on your work desk.

The USB ports can also be controlled as a group and not individually. It’s worth noting that the Teckin Smart Power Strip doesn’t have energy monitoring.

4. APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip

  • Total Outlets: 6, 3 smart
  • USB Ports: Yes, 4

APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip

The APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip has a lot of things going for it. For one, it’s UL certified. For those unaware, UL is a certification agency that sets industry-wide standards. Secondly, it comes with a device protection policy that promises to reimburse in case of any damage.

Moving on, it bundles six power outlets neatly arranged across. Out of these six, three of the outlets are smart. On top of it, you also get your hands on two smart USB ports. The latter is the icing on the cake, especially if you want to hook USB-powered lights or similar devices to the setup. However, you can’t group outlets.

Apart from Alexa voice commands, it’s also compatible with the in-house APC Schneider app, though Alexa integration is not the smoothest.

A two-year warranty backs the APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip. But at the end of the day, the design is a little bulky and can be an inconvenience to place if you have a tight space.

5. VOCOlinc Smart Power Strip

  • Total Outlets: 3
  • USB Ports: 3

VOCOlinc Smart Power Strip

If a simple and slender power strip is your thing, the VOCOlinc Smart Power Strip makes for a good buy. It keeps things simple with just three smart outlets and two USB ports. It’s cross-compatible with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, thereby giving you the flexibility of switching smart assistants in the future. The app lets you control each plug separately, or you can also control the entire power strip as a whole. The two USB ports are a bonus.

There are individual LED indicator lights for the outlet that adds to the convenience to top things off. The in-house app lets you set schedules and timers for the connected devices.

Best Alexa Compatible Smart Power Strips VOCO 2

It bundles a conventional design with an elongated design. The good thing is that the flat design enables you to place it at your convenience. However, the longish design will prevent you from masking the whole setup with a cable management box.

Even this option lacks energy monitoring feature.

6. Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

  • Total Outlets: 6
  • USB Ports: 3

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

The Kasa smart power strip is costlier than its counterparts above, but the good news is that it bundles a bevy of smart features. For one, it comes with power monitoring options and helps you keep a tab on the power consumption. You can open the app to see which outlet is drawing more power. And well, set up is easy and simple and you can schedule the outlets as per your convenience. Apart from being compatible with Amazon Alexa, this one is also compatible with Google Assistant.

The best part is that all six outlets are smart and can be individually controlled. Control can be either through the Amazon Alexa app or via Kasa’s in-home app. And guess what, it also supports voice commands. And well, you also get three USB Type-A ports to charge your phones, wireless speakers (see JBL Flip 5 vs. JBL Charge 4), and the likes. Do note that these ports have standard outputs.

Best Alexa Compatible Smart Power Strips kasa 2

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip is cleverly designed. With all the outlets placed side by side, you get enough space to plug in all your devices, including ones with unusual plug sized.

Apart from that, it bundles a surge protector and a neat LED power indicator. Note that the USB outlets don’t have power monitoring.

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That said, which one will you pick?

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