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5 New Reasons to Update your WhatsApp App

5 New Reasons to Update your WhatsApp App post thumbnail

Many of us hate updating apps. Hence, we delay the updating of our WhatsApp app until WhatsApp lock us out of the app, and tells us to update in order to continue using WhatsApp services. It is then we will now, head to app store and update WhatsApp.

The Reasons to Update your WhatsApp app

However, the new improvements and features that is coming to WhatsApp will make you, always check your app store to see if there is new WhatsApp update that you need to download. Why? Here are the 5 cool features that only users with the latest version of WhatsApp will enjoy.

Video Call Display

If you love making group calls, then you would have noticed that, recent WhatsApp update made it possible for you to add up to 8 participants to a WhatsApp group video call. While this is great, it also poses a challenge. The videos of the 8 participants are stacks side-by-side to each other in small thumbnail.

Now however, WhatsApp has indicated interest to fix it. They said that, WhatsApp group video calls users should be on the lookout because a new update in the WhatsApp app will make it “easier to focus on whoever [they] want by letting [them] press and hold to maximize a participant’s video to full screen.”

Also, a group with less than 8 members will have a video icon enabled, so that you can easily start a group video call with the rest with just 1-tap.

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Animated Gifs

The over 2 billion active WhatsApp users are sending billions upon billions of stickers each day, because, stickers allow them to better express themselves through images, when they are communicating with their contact in WhatsApp.

Thing are about to get even more exciting to WhatsApp sticker lovers because, the new WhatsApp app that is on the way has sticker packs from WhatsApp that are Animated! Hence, sending animated stickers will now be possible if you update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

QR Codes

With the latest version of WhatsApp, you will now be able to use the QR code feature to save new people to your WhatsApp contacts. No more having to type in their WhatsApp numbers!

Dark Mode for WhatsApp Web.

If you are the type that uses WhatsApp web to chat with friends via your computer, you can now enjoy the eye soothing effects of using WhatsApp web in dark mode if you update your WhatsApp mobile app.

If you are skeptical about using WhatsApp dark mode feature, then click to read an article which explain whether the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature of WhatsApp is good or not.

Status for WhatsApp KaiOS Users

For some time now, people that uses WhatsApp on KaiOS devices have not been able to use the WhatsApp Status feature. This is about to change; ass WhatsApp says that the new update to the WhatsApp app for KaiOS users comes with the WhatsApp Status feature.

For KaiOS users that do not know what WhatsApp Status is. Status is a feature that enable you to upload a picture, video, or animated pictures (gifs) so that all your contacts can view them without you having to send it to them individually. Because WhatsApp status disappears after 24 hours, you might want to read this article that talks about how to save WhatsApp Status on your Phone so you can still have access to them after it has disappeared.


Will you like to see these 5 amazing features in action? Here is a trailer video from WhatsApp.

Which Version of WhatsApp has These Features

WhatsApp said that “these features are rolling out to users over the next few weeks, in the latest versions of WhatsApp.”

You can know which feature was added into a newer version of WhatsApp before updating it, by looking at the What’s new section on the WhatsApp update page in your App Store.

How to Update WhatsApp

Your current version of WhatsApp can be updated from your device app store. If, however, you want a 2-click option to updating WhatsApp, click here.

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