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5 best STL file software for 3D printing [2020 Guide]

Netfabb - STL files creator

NetFabb is an incredibly powerful tool from Autodesk that allows you to design and manufacture different 3D items at a professional level. This software was designed to aid professionals in the field of manufacturing and design improvement, by being able to create complex 3D models, print them out, and test them to see how they can be improved or modified for more efficiency.

Because this software is part of the Autodesk suite, it has full compatibility with any of the company’s software. This app is very useful for all levels of design and engineering thanks to its powerful simulation engines, and also great optimization features.

NetFabb can create STL files from scratch, but these files can also be imported from another compatible workstation. This software converts your 3D STL model into different slice layers, in order to start printing your project layer by layer.

You can view, edit and repair all models before starting the printing process, and can process your project either as a full 3D model, or split into slices that can be analyzed and modified on their own.

NetFabb is designed in a modular fashion, with each module having different capabilities. There are, for example, modules for creating supports, modules that help you repair your 3D models, manipulate meshes, analyze parts, add labels, etc.

Each of the modules found in NetFabb, once loaded, create a custom user interface that offers you clear access to all options, switches the tools found in the menus, and it also creates a new path in the project tree for each one of them. This allows you to easily keep track of all modifications, and to adjust accordingly.

Even though you can start creating 3D parts from scratch by using this software, most of the users import their files created in 3D CAD software. Netfabb is compatible with a wide range of files obtained by using most CAD software available on the market – Inventor, Rhino, SolidWorks, etc. , and also supports SketchUp file formats(IGES, JT, STEP, and VRML).

Let’s explore some other notable features of NetFabb:

  • Can create perfectly crisp previews of your 3D model, allowing you to modify the forms to your needs
  • Lattice commander – allows you to modify your design with a simple lattices and skins tool
  • Can create custom scripts that allow the automation of repetitive tasks
  • Helps you with part orientation and allows you to preview supports
  • PowerShape Utility – modify the size and location of new elements and support structures
  • Allows you to observe real-time stress simulations on your 3D project
NetFabb by Autodesk

NetFabb by Autodesk

A top-class tool in additive manufacturing, that takes you beyond traditional design software to create innovative products.

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