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5 best sprite animation maker software [2021 Guide]

Inkscape is another greatly useful software option that gives you a simple to use graphics application and contains all the tools needed for creating incredible vector graphics.

Even though Inkscape offers a great set of features, one of this software’s downside is its lagging processes. It can become frustrating after using it for a long time, but considering the tools that it contains, and the fact that it’s free, makes it a good competitor for Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

This software offers you a great number of pre-set filters that you can use to customize your 2D pixel art even further, and also gives you access to textures and overlays.

As you would expect from a graphic editing application, Inkscape also has the ability to use layers, can add shapes (both pre-made and created by you), and can also add text and fills to your project.

You can check out this post from the official Inkscape forums, to find out more about how to create 2D pixel art.

If you feel like you need a tutorial to help you get started using Inkscape, you can find a great set of guides on the official Inkscape tutorials page.

Download Inkscape

In this top 5 list, we explored some of the best software options on the market that allow you to create amazing 2D pixel art from the comfort of your own PC.

The features that all of these software options cover will surely get you started on your 2D creation journey. We even included links with tutorials from their official page, that will surely help you to start creating 2D art.

We would love to find out what your opinion is, and what software you chose from this list for your own use. Please feel free to let us know in the comment section found at the bottom of this page.

FAQ: Learn more about 2D digital art software

  • What do you use for pixel art?

There are a lot of tools for creating pixel art, but one of the most effective is Adobe Illustrator. It is a very useful tool if you want to create the base of your 2D project design with a lot of advanced image editing features.

Pixel art is a lot easier than creating 3D designs or virtual characters, but definitely planning each element for this type of art is a complex thing.

  • How do you make pixel art for beginners?

Pixel art is quite an easy thing especially if you have the right software, so GIMP is a good alternative for beginners.

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