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5+ best software to create QR code on PC [Fresh List]

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  • QR codes are an efficient way to access a web link by scanning a code on the screen of your device.
  • To create QR codes, you will need the help of QR code generator software.
  • We’ve listed the best below, and they include Adobe InDesign, QR-Code Monkey, QFuse, and others.
  • So if you’re looking for the best Windows QR code generator, continue with the list below.

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A QR (Quick Response) code contains data in two dimensions and consists of pixels instead of the bars you see on barcodes.

It was first invented by the automotive industry as a barcode to safely and easily identify components, but they were originally for industrial applications as they were easier to print and they stayed legible even if dirty or partially destroyed.

The QR code is easily captured by imaging devices, including a camera or smartphone, then processed digitally so as to read the content.

It is this ease of use and excellent error correction plus high memory capacity that led to the popularity and rise of the use of QR codes.

Today’s mobile and smartphones can run QR code reading software as they have camera apps, but even better is the ability to create your own QR code using the best QR code generator software.

The codes come in either dynamic that is editable and recommended for use in today’s online world, or static type, the latter which cannot be changed once set.

In case you want to create editable ones, we’ve also included entries that double as QR code editing software as well.

You can use the code to redirect people to your website, mobile page, vCard, file download, Google Map, social pages, PayPal or even an app store.

This article checks out the best software to create QR code that you can use today.

Be sure to check for features like tracking scanning activity, analytics, generation of dynamic codes, export vector formats, error correction, ad-free, and unlimited scans among other features.

Learn everything there is to know about QR codes from our handy article!

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