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5 best racing wheels for Windows 10 [2020 Guide]

This racing wheel has a 900 degrees lock-to-lock rotation, making it one of the best on the market in this department.

Added to that, the dual-motor Force Feedback ensures that you will get lost in the idea that you’re driving a real racing car.

To ensure your safety while gaming, it also includes an overheat safeguard, thus enabling you to game without any worries.

  •  Dual-motor force feedback 
  • Helical gear changing mechanism
  • Six-speed shifter
  • RPM/Shift indicator LED
  • Large numbers of cables needed

Logitech G27 is one of the most popular gaming racing wheels, and for a good reason. This wheel packs many useful features that accurately simulate car races.

It comes with a powerful dual-motor force feedback mechanism, a six-speed shifter with push-down reverse gear, and RPM/shift indicator LEDs that quickly prompts you when you should shift gears.

The 11-inch leather-wrapped wheel is very comfortable, while the steel gas, brake, and clutch pedals deliver precise throttle, braking, and shifting for a high degree of realism.

Make sure you’ve installed the latest Logitech G27 driver if you use this wheel on Windows 10, otherwise you may encounter various bugs that could prevent you from properly controlling your car.

  • Realistic force feedback
  • Helical gears setup
  • Easily accessible game controls
  • Fast response pedals
  • Extra resistance for brake pedal halfway through its course

Buy the latest racing titles and add the Logitech Driving Force G920 racing wheel for an impressive driving experience.

The dual-motor force feedback realistically simulates the racing experience, while the on-wheel D-pad will remind of the classic Xbox One controller.

The responsive floor pedal unit allows you to accelerate, break, and change gears with the feel of an actual car. The semi-automatic paddle shifters give you smooth gear transitions on hairpin turns and straightaways.

  • T300 Servo Base
  • Officially licensed by Ferrari
  • The build is exactly fitting to automotive standards
  • 100% metal pedals
  • Attachment array perfectly fits any desk/table
  • Warranty of one year might be considered small

Thrustmaster developed the T300 Ferrari Alcantara racing wheel in close collaboration with Microsoft. This wheel is actually a 7:10 scale replica of the emblematic Ferrari 458 Italia wheel and it’s designed for true racers.

The wheel is made of high-quality materials that will last for a very long time under intense usage.

The brushed metal frame and metal paddle shifters add an industrial design note to the product. 

The Force Feedback base offers smooth, seamless, and realistic effects. Before you use the Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara racing wheel on a Windows 10 PC, don’t forget to download the latest Thrustmaster drivers.

  • PS4/PS3 sliding switch for fast access
  • 1080 degree force feedback
  • Immersion Touch Sense technology
  • Adjustable force feedback
  • Wide footrest pedals
  • Some problems with the support team have been reported

The Thrustmaster T150 is a 1080 degree force feedback racing wheel that comes with a large pedal set.

The drive system with adjustable force feedback lets you feel every detail while you’re racing. Each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted and the brake pedal comes with progressive resistance.

The wheel features reinforced rubber-coated grips and all controls are within easy reach so that you never need to take your hands off the wheel. Windows 10 PC compatibility is ensured thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers.

The Thrustmaster T150 offers the best quality/ price rapport and you’ll definitely love this racing wheel.

Have you already used one of these racing wheels on your Windows 10 computer? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for freshness, and accuracy.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to WindowsReport

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