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5 Best Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps For Android 2021

Best photo to Cartoon Picture apps

Hello, this post is about the best cartoon picture apps for Android that lets you turn photo into cartoon so that your photos looks like cartoon. If you are a graphic designer or you are just searching for an app to convert your photo to cartoon-like drawings, then you are in the right place.

Nowadays, you must not necessarily be a professional graphic designer before you can draw a cartoon of yourself or someone’s else photo because there are many apps available now that does the job easily on Android devices. This means you don’t have to pay anyone to convert your picture to cartoon because you can now do it by yourself and even do for other novice who are not yet aware that there is an app for doing it.

There are many photo editing app for Android but we have selected the best apps that lets you convert your photos to cartoons. The interesting part is you don’t even need a PC anymore before you can draw pictures that looks like cartoon because there are Android apps for it. For this reason, I have selected the 5 best photo to cartoon apps for Android.

Best photo to Cartoon Picture apps


1. ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Cam

Developed by Lyrebird Studio, Artista cartoon & Sketch Cam is a lightweight photo editor with cartoon effects that ultimately turns your photo to cartoon. The app has sketch styles and artwork on canvas and other graphic tools for cartoonists, painters, photographers and enthusiasts who want to try new things.

There are more than 50 inspiring filters for experimental arts and art filters inspired by famous artists. The app allows you share your pictures and works within its community where you can also see pictures of other users. Apart from its own social community, you are also allowed to share your pictures on other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc.

Some of the features of this app that lets you turn your pictures into an art gallery includes; fascinating cartoon effects, art touch gestures to crop, rotate and arrange paintings, full fledged photo editing tools for clean and perfect cartoon work, smooth pencil effects for realistic cartoon drawings, selfie camera for live photo editing and best prism effects to your photos with ArtistA selfie camera, take photos and automatically transform them into epic photos, display your creativity with ArtistA

The app size is just 6.8mb and you need an android device running at least Android 4.4 OS to download and use ArtistA cartoon & sketch app.

2. Cartoon Photo Filters – CoolArt

Developed by Fotoable,Inc., Cartoon Photo Filters is an app that lets you add filters and numerous cartoon effects to your photos with fun. It features some amazing editing tools such as blending, cartoon & sketch filters, selfie cartoon camera, one tap to transform Etc. Also, App is super easy to use with it’s easy and simple UI and one tap photo transformation from photo to cartoon. This makes it easy to use, even for a first timer. No wonder, it was ranked among the Best cartoon picture apps for Android in 2019.

You can also share your photos with friends on social media through the app. It has over 10 million downloads on Google play store with good number of reviews. The app size is 23mb and requires at least Android 4.0 to download it and use.

3. Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

Also developed by Fotoable, Inc., Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor another app that turns picture into a cartoon and one of the best cartoon picture apps for Android that can turn your photos to cartoons. You can also use this app to turn your photos to paintings with numerous modern art filters, more than 20+. You start by choosing a picture from your gallery or even taking a photo in the app to be edited and then go on to edit it to your taste.

It has a very clean user friendly UI that makes it even easy for first timers to use without issues. Asides from being able to turn your photos to cartoons and paintings, there are also a bunch of other filters you can use on your selfies to make them pop.

This app can deliver the best cartoon selfie of yourself which you can share on Instagram, Facebook or whatsapp.

The key features of this photo to cartoon picture app includes; 30+ different cartoon photo effects, edit photos into artworks, Perfect cartoon maker camera and selfie camera tool, Photo Cartoon art paintings, one tap to Share to Instagram, Cartoon photo editor, Cartoon Photo editor: Cartoon Filters, modern art filters, pencil art effects and oil painting effect, Photo editor app, powerful selfie camera.

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The app size is 22mb and requires Android version of at least 4.0.3 to download and use it.

4. Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects is an AI photo filter and arts filter that delivers high quality and High Definition photo resolution FULL HD Rendering and ULTRA HD Print File For Professional uses. It’s undoubtedly a great cartoon app for professional cartoonists and graphic designers.

There are over 50 art filters from famous artists, fast image processing and much more. If you need a professional app for all kinds of effects including cartoon ones then you should definitely try out this app. Finished works using this app coming out sharp and crisp which can be printed.

Some of the main features of Deep Art Effects App includes; Creating Art with AI technology, Fast image processing near realtime, HD Resolution for artworks (1080px), More than 50 filters from famous artists, Change style filter intensity, Enhanced prisma filters, Encrypted data transfer, Server in Europe for privacy, No photos and artworks are saved on our servers for guests, Use login to manage your artworks in the cloud. Delete, rename, view and organize your artworks.

The app is available in free and premium versions. It’s equally a lightweight app with file size of just 9mb. It requires at least Android 3.0 to download and run.

Picture to Cartoon apps

5. Cartoon Photo Editor

Developed by Game Brain, Cartoon Photo Editor is a free camera app that lets you apply impressive artistic effects on your photos to make them look like cartoons. You can make pictures look as if it was hand drawn with a pencil using this amazing application on your Android phone.

Therefore, if you are looking for an android app to turn your photos to Cartoons without anything else then this is your pick.

Because of how good it is, over 10 million people have downloaded it on Google play store already and it’s also another lightweight camera cartoon app with just about 10MB in size.

Some of the Cartoon effects this app offers include; sketch, oil painting, pencil and more. You can also share your finished artworks on social media and let your friends see how good you are when it comes to Cartoon making and designs.

Meanwhile, If you have an iPhone and want a creative cartoon-like photo, see more cartoon pictures apps for Android and iOS.

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There you have it, it’s time you become your own cartoonist instead of paying some $£€ to others to turn your pictures into a cartoon. Try out the above Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps and you will be amazed at how good you can be in drawing cartoons and photo painting.

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