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5 best instant cameras for travel [Black Friday 2020]

  • Storing images that are not printed right away
  • Downloading photos unto PC with Micro SD card
  • Compatible with iOS or Android devices
  • Digital shots possible only with film removed

This instant camera from Kodak is a very surprising mix between the vintage qualities of classic cameras and the practicability of the digital technology incorporated in the numerous features.

It has a built-in Zink printer that helps create vibrant and clear images. One of the characteristics that makes this device perfect for travelling is that it allows you to take big format photos 3.51” x 4.25” at a resolution of 16 megapixels.

If you don’t want to print all of your photos, this instant camera can store those images. The device also has a micro SD card slot that gives you the possibility to download the photos on your PC.

Thanks to The Kodak Classic you can add effects to your images like augmented reality, sync your photos and share them on social media.

  • Rechargeable USB battery
  • Vintage quality pictures
  • User-friendly thanks to automatic settings

Polaroid introduces a point and shoot instant camera that is mostly automatic which means that you don’t need to struggle with the settings to get a clear photo, while on vacation.

It has autofocus and self timer so you can take group pictures with your friends and not worry about blurred images.

There’s also a kit of useful accessories that comes with this instant camera. You’ll get a pack of Polaroid Color i-Type Instant Film with 16 exposures and an 5″ photo album where you can place up to 32 wide prints.

  • Fujifilm kit with 40 exposures film, camera case and a cleaning cloth
  • Exposure counter of remained shots
  • Good photo quality
  • The camera makes blank pictures sometimes

A great option for a high-quality camera is the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini, that comes with a 60mm lens that can focus from 11.8″ ft away, built in flash and automatic exposure.

With this instant camera you get a viewfinder with an integrated target spot that helps you create your composition depending on the subjects’s type.

Some really useful features for taking different types of photos especially when you’re on a vacation is Party Mode and Kids Mode . The first one allows the camera to illuminate the background when the foreground is lightened by the flash. The Kids Mode helps you take photos of fast-moving subjects even in low light.

There are numerous benefits to using instant cameras instead of the classical modern methods, the most striking one is that you can actually make memories and share them on the spot in the form of physical photos.

We hope that our guide about the best instant cameras you can take with you while travelling was helpful.

We’d like to hear some of your personal recommendations and experiences with these devices so feel free to use the comment section.

FAQ: Learn more about photography

  • What software should I use for photography?

Once you’ve taken a photo, you can easily enhance it with the use of a good photo editing tool.

  • Are instant cameras worth it?

If you like taking photos and having them on paper in an instant, then yes, an instant camera is indeed a good investment.

  • How can I repair old photos?

If you have an old photo, you can first scan it so that you can have it in a digital format, and then you can use dedicated software to restore old photos.

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