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5 best EIZO monitors to buy [Black Friday 2020]

  • Comes in 24.1-inch and 27-inch versions
  • Wide-Gamut LED IPS display
  • Accurate color calibration
  • Includes a bundled calibration sensor
  • Ideal 1000:1 contrast ratio

The EIZO CS2420-BK-CNX lets your creativity blossom, being specially dedicated to hobbyists and casual photographers alike.

It features a sleek, user-friendly design and many of the advanced features of EIZO’s ColorEdge lineup that users are so excited about.

These make the EIZO CS2420-BK-CNX an excellent choice if you enjoy creating and editing digital photography, illustration, and more.

As you may have probably guessed already, EIZO monitors are not exactly for everyone. They are used for graphics design, and even the budget ones come with quite a hefty price tag.

However, the few that can afford and need an EZIO monitor for their home or work will truly appreciate the quality product that they are about to get.

This article is part of a generous selection of monitors you can currently find on the market. Take a closer look and don’t hesitate to let us know your pick in the comments area below.

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