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4 innovative technologies helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions

If your business is releasing greenhouse gases, try these technologies to make your organization less damaging to the environment.

In 2020, US greenhouse gas emissions fell 10.3%, primarily due to self-isolation during COVID-19. This has been the largest drop in emissions since the post-World War II era. As companies anticipate a large portion of the workforce will return to the office by the end of 2021, emissions will increase. 

Whether it’s the vehicles we drive, the fuel we use, how we manufacture products, or how we grow our food, greenhouse gas emissions will continue to pose a threat. These innovative technologies are just some that are making strides in helping reduce the environmental impact.

Here are some innovative technologies that can help your business reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Helps vehicles and saves fuel


Image: FuelGems

FuelGems produces a revolutionary, powerful, multi-action fuel additive that reduces harmful greenhouse emissions and saves fuel. The revolutionary additive uses tiny micro-doses of carbon-based nanoparticles to reduce the damaging effects on the environment. FuelGems believes its scientific breakthrough will transform the way all modes of transport are powered beyond 2050.

Key features:

  • Boosts the cleanliness and performance of gasoline, diesel, and bio-fuel.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas and dangerous emissions by as much as 50%.
  • Improves lubricity to extend engine and fuel pump life.
  • Conserves up to 9% of vehicle fuel and keeps it fresh longer.

Contact FuelGems for pricing.


Captures and recycles CO2 emissions


Image: Climeworks

Climeworks provides direct air capture technology. It uses a filter that is designed to capture atmospheric carbon, drawing in air and binding the CO₂. It then releases concentrated gas through a heated filter. The gases can then be used in industrial applications, such as a carbonization source for the food and beverage industries, among others.

Key features:

  • Direct capture facilities, including the world’s first commercial facility
  • Recyclable captured carbon dioxide
  • CO₂ collectors are stackable to build machines of any size
  • Powered solely by renewable energy or energy from waste
  • Grey emissions are below 10%

Climeworks technology is available through three monthly subscription models: Explorer at $8/month, Discover at $24/month, and Special Expedition at $55/month. 


Reduces food waste and pesticide use


Image: Terramera

Terramera uses science, nature, and artificial intelligence to create game-changing technologies to help solve problems relating to wasted food, which accounts for about 8% of all global CO₂ emissions. Its regenerative agriculture pulls carbon from the air and sequesters it in the soil. This improves plant and soil health, reduces pesticide and fertilizer use, and dramatically reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide. For farming and agricultural businesses that are seeking ways to improve the environment, Terramera’s technology helps grows better and faster crops while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Key features:

  • Reduces the global synthetic pesticide load   
  • Reduces synthetic chemical loads and makes organic alternatives more effective
  • Fully automated and uniquely retrofitted for experimental use
  • Liquid handling robot rapidly screens active ingredients  

Contact Terramera for pricing.


Helps the concrete industry go green


Image: CarbonCure

CarbonCure helps the concrete industry reduce its carbon footprint and improve operations using technology that introduces recycled CO₂ into fresh concrete. This reduces the carbon footprint without compromising performance. When the CO₂ is injected, it goes through a mineralization process and becomes permanently embedded in the concrete. The result is increased economic and climate benefits for concrete producers. 

Key features:

  • Reduced costs and improved business operations 
  • High-performing, more sustainable concrete
  • Technology is installed in hours and syncs seamlessly with all existing batching software
  • Can be used with ready-mix, precast, or masonry concrete

Contact CarbonCure for pricing.


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