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4 Best Desk Mounted Monitor Arms for Dual Monitors

A dual monitor setup has its own charm. While two monitors can help you to be more productive, they also tend to occupy more space on your desk, especially if the monitors have larger bases. Thankfully, desk-mounted monitor arms help solve this woe. Not only do they give you added flexibility, but they also free up space on your desk.

4 Best Desk Mounted Monitor Arms for Dual Monitors

The main advantage of desk-mounted monitor arms is that even if you change your desk’s location or switch to a newer one. Plus, installation is simple and straightforward since most of these arms come with a C-clamp.

More importantly, if you are not satisfied with the mount’s cable management, you can easily use one of the many cable management clips available online to lend a more clutter-free look.

Here are our recommendations for the best affordable desk-mounted monitor arms for dual monitors. Before that,

1. Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

  • Supported monitor weight: 4.4 to 14.3 lbs per arm
  • Supported monitor size: 17 to 27-inch
  • VESA size: 75x75mm and 100x100mm

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

The Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand is a sleek and stylish looking arm and proves to be an excellent choice if you are looking for mounting your gaming monitors. This one packs four joints in each arm and offers an excellent range of motion—whether it’s rotating the screen to portrait levels or pulling up the screen to view at an eye level.

The gas-springs make it incredibly easy to move the monitors around, and several users have backed this. And as it goes with most monitor stands, you can adjust the tension on each joint by tightening the screws.

The weight management is fairly decent, and it can take up to 14.3lbs per arm. Simultaneously, the arms in themselves are not heavy and should do well even if you have a lightweight table. However, note that if your table falls on the lighter side, you might notice some wobbles and shakes.

Best Desk Mounted Monitor Arms for Dual Monitors Huanuo2

Installation is a pain-free process and you can opt for either the C-clamp or the grommet to fix it to your desk.

2. ErGear Dual Monitor Desk Mount

  • Supported monitor weight: 19.84 lbs per arm
  • Supported monitor size: 17 to 32-inch
  • VESA size: 75x75mm and 100x100mm

ErGear Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Another dual monitor stand with a decent price tag is the one by ErGear. Like the one above, it’s a stylish and trendy monitor arm. It features a mounting pole that measures around 17-inches. And well, this pole gives you the height advantage. The company claims that there are around 24-inches of height difference between the tabletop and the monitor connector.

This one has a slightly higher weight capacity than the one above and can go up to 19.8lbs per arm. Plus, it can hold up to two 32-inches monitors per arm. This specification should work well for standard-sized monitors. However, if both your monitors are big, you won’t get the same horizontal motion range.

It’s a well-made monitor arm for your dual monitor rig. It comes with channels for routing the power and HDMI cables, further improving the cable management scene.

Installation is pretty easy and doesn’t take much time. You get both the options—C-clamp and grommet, for fixing this monitor arm to the desk.

More importantly, the range of motion is decent for the price. You get to swivel, rotate a full 360-degree, and tilt the monitors as per your liking.

3. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

  • Supported monitor weight: 22 lbs per arm
  • Supported monitor size: up to 27-inch
  • VESA size: 75x75mm and 100x100mm

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

The VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand is a heavy-duty affordable monitor arm that can take the weight of most monitors. Though it’s not the stylish monitor arm out there, it gets the work down. For one, it offers a decent range of motions. Secondly, it has a simple installation process.

As for the range of motions, the six joints let you move the screens as per your comfort. It offers a wide tilt, 180-degree swivel, 360-degree rotation, and height adjustment if we talk numbers. The pole is around 17-inches tall, meaning you will get plenty of space to adjust the height.

It attaches to the desk via the built-in C-clamp. Or, if your desk has a pre-drilled grommet, you can make use of that as well. The clamp is well-built and stays put even when the screens are moved around.

The VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand is one of the popular dual monitors that stands out there. Users love this accessory mainly for its durability, sturdiness and the quality of material used.

And since it uses the pole mechanism, it also frees up additional desk space beneath the monitor.

4. Fleximounts D1DV Dual Desk Mounts

  • Supported monitor weight: 22 lbs per arm
  • Supported monitor size: up to 27-inch
  • VESA size: 75 X 75mm, 100 X 100mm

Fleximounts D1DV Dual Desk Mounts

Fleximounts’ D1DV monitor arm works and looks a little different from its counterparts above. It’s also one of the least expensive monitor arms on this list and costs less than $40. Instead of mounting the screens side-by-side, this one lets you mount them vertically on top of each other. And well, this arrangement is incredibly useful for gamers as it lets you play as well as check out the chats and other communication without breaking focus.

While it may not have the same range of motions as its counterparts above, it’s safe to say that you can do your bit. For one, you can change the alignment of the monitors or you can choose to tilt the top monitor. Interestingly, you can also pivot the monitor to portrait mode should the need arise.

Weight-wise, the Flaimounts D1DV packs a punch. Each base supports up to 22lbs and several users have praised this feature. It doesn’t wobble (your desk also plays an important part here) or shake.

Best Desk Mounted Monitor Arms for Dual Monitors flexi2

It’s not without its limitations though. There is no option for installation in the grommet hole. It just bundles a solid C-clamp. Do note that the clamp is only ideal for desks with thickness around 4-inches.

Ward Away the Clutter

If you have a few extra dollars to spare and want the best of experience, you can check out the Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm. This arm for dual monitors scores well both in the performance scale and in the looks department.

When buying monitor arms, do ensure that the desk doesn’t have a small depth. A shallow depth puts the monitors close to your eyes when you are seated, and this again might affect your eyes.

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