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4 best audio software tools to split songs

Audacity is considered one of the best software for free audio editing. It allows you to edit audio tracks in MP3, WAV and various other formats in an extremely easy and fast way.

This is possible thanks to a very intuitive and well-done user interface. It’s worth mentioning that Audacity supports LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST, and Audio Unit so you can easily expand its functionality.

Regarding the editing, all standard editing options such as cutting, copying and deleting. It’s also worth mentioning that you can have unlimited undo and redo steps, which is perfect for complex projects.

As for mixing, the software can work with multiple tracks and each track can have multiple clips allowing you to create advanced projects.

There’s also an ability to label tracks which makes it perfect if you working on complex projects with dozens of tracks and clips. If needed, you can also change the pitch or tempo separately.

Effects such as audio adjustments and Equalization, Bass and Treble, High Pass, Low Pass, and Notch Filter are also available.

Overall, Audacity is a powerful and completely free audio editor, and it’s perfect for all your audio editing needs.

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mp3directcut software to split songs

Another great application for cutting songs and editing audio files is mp3DirectCut. The application is completely free to use, and it allows you to easily copy, paste, cut, or crop parts of any song.

It allows you to recompress files without file loss, which can be incredibly useful to some users. Regarding the interface, it’s quite simple to use, and even first-time users won’t have problems with it.

mp3DirectCut supports batch operations so you can edit multiple files relatively easy. Regarding the size, the application is rather small, and it can even run in a portable mode which is a plus.

The application also supports MP3 recording using the LAME or ACM encoders.

Visualizations are also available, and you can also normalize audio and detect pauses. There’s even support for ID3v1 tags which can be useful if you’re working with MP3 files.

Overall, mp3DirectCut is a simple yet powerful audio editing tool, and due to its small size, it’s perfect for almost any user.

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There you go, these are the best tools that you can use to split songs, so feel free to try any of them.

If you have any suggestions that you consider we should add in this list, please write us a comment below.

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