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3 best 6DoF gaming head motion trackers for immersive gaming

  • Improved tracking system
  • Increased realism
  • Comes with 6DoF support
  • Intuitive TrackIR software
  • Modern design
  • Not the best infrared feature

TrackIR 5 is the latest gaming head tracker from NaturalPoint. It comes with an improved tracking system and offers an immersive experience.

It is a 6DoF based tracker which means, in games with 6DoF support, users can raise and lower their head, lean left and right, move backward and forward, and the view in-game will adjust accordingly.

The TrackIR 5 kit includes a USB infrared camera with adjustable mounts, TrackClips with three reflectors, and a disc to install the TrackIR software.

The USB infrared camera goes on top of the monitor with the help of mounts. The TrackClip, however, requires users to wear a baseball cap and attach the TrackClip onto to the brim.

Those that don’t want to wear the baseball cap all the time can opt for the TrackClip Pro clip which can be clipped onto the left side of the gaming headset.

However, the TrackClip Pro costs $10 more (when purchased as a bundle) and the build quality is poor, to say the least.

It’s also a wired solution, which means the user has to be connected to the power every time they want to use it.

For those who can shell a little extra, we would recommend a third-party track clip from TrackHat. TrackHat Plus is wireless, custom made, and supports TrackIR head tracking system.

Setting up TrackIR 5 is easy. After installing the software, mount and connect the camera to the USB port, put the TrackClip in place and you are ready to roll.

TrackIR 5 works smoothly with major titles like ARMA 11, GTR2, Tom Clancy’s HAWX, and Race Driver: GRID, X-Plane, etc.

However, if you are planning to use it with other triple-A titles like Far Cry 2 and Battlefield 2, the experience is not pleasant, mainly due to a lack of support from the game developers. 

TrackIR 5 comes to life in racing games and flight simulation games. It does take some time getting used to, but once you do, you won’t go back to the usual game-playing modes.  

The TrackIR 5 is one of the best gaming head trackers available today, and it is well worth the money spent as it takes sim gaming to a whole new level.

The only negative aspect to TrackIR 5 is having to pay extra for the Pro clip which ideally should be included in the TrackIR 5 standard bundle.

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