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Month: April 2021

Minecraft Beta v1.17.0.50 Changelog a Peek into the Next Official Release.

Do you know, Amethyst Clusters, Tinted Glass, Raw Copper, Iron and Raw Gold have been added to Minecraft? Well, learn more about these changes and more here.

TECNO Spark 7 Pro Features and Specification

Techno Spark 7 Pro is a 4G enabled smartphone with a 5,000mAh battery and a triple rare camera. Here is its full features and specifications.

How to Use iMessage Stickers (Memoji) on other Apps.

Apple’s iMessage stickers (Memoji) are very fun and immersive. If you will like to use it on other apps other than iMessage, here is how to do it.

Download PES 2021 MOD APK for Android (efootball)

Download and play efootball PES 2021 MOD the most fascinating soccer game for Android with latest season update here.

Download Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod Apk (DLS 22)

Rated among the best soccer game for Android, Dream League Soccer 2022 is truly an amazing football game. Download DLS 22 apk mod here.

Download Football Manager 2021 Apk Mod for Android (FM 21)

Do you really want to experience what it feels like to be in the coach chair? Then Football Manager 2021 is the game for you. Download the Apk mod for Android here.

Your Windows 10 Update got Stuck and Failed? Fix it Now.

Updating your Windows 10 computer but keep getting stuck or fails? If yes, here are 4 easy ways to fix the problem.

GTA 5 Apk, Obb, and DATA Files for Android | Download Now.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best racing game for Android devices. If you will like to play it, you can download it (the GTA 5 apk, obb and data files) from here.

Download L4D PingTool Apk Latest Version.

L4D PingTool will help boost your mobile internet connection so that you can browse, download, and steam videos at the maximum speed available. Download the latest version here.

Working Roblox Codes for Mining Simulator | April 2021

If you want to get richer faster in the Roblox Mining Simulator game, then you need the help of this codes. They are working as of April 2021.

Get up to 65% off Web Hosting Plans on Namecheap | April 2021 Promo

Do you want to pay up to 65% off for your next web hosting package on Namecheap? Then use the discount/promo code found in this post.

Download UC Mini Handler for Free Browsing and More.

The UC Mini Handler app is a very unique browser because it not only offer your free internet access, it also have a built in VPN service. Get it now here.

Get up to 31% off Domain Transfers to Namecheap | April 2021 Promo

Transfer your domain to Namecheap before the end of 26th of April, 2021 and pay up to 31% off your next domain subscription. Get more details here.

Get 100MB on MTN NG to Browse Free Everyday | April 2021

NCDC is giving MTN Nigerian users free 100MB daily to access only their website. But with the help of these VPN, you can use it to browse any website.

How To Use Tinder Without Facebook.

Do you want to use Tinder without letting all your Facebook Friends know that you do? Then the guide in this post will show you how to do just that.

Download Working Tinder Plus Mod for Android.

Get this working Tinder+ mod app for Android and start experiencing the thrill and excitement of romance and meeting like-minded people.

How to Trade on Binance with 10% Reduced Fee.

Reduced trading fee means more profits. In this post, I will show you how to get 10% off your crypto trading fee in Binance.

Get KineMaster Premium Subscribed for Free (Mod App)

Get free access to all the premium features that makes creative people everywhere love KineMaster with this KineMaster Premium mod app.

MTN & Cell C Free Browsing HTTP Injector Ehi Config Files | April 2021

Today I bump into some MTN and Cell C HTTP Injector config files which enables you to browse free. Here are the config files.

Download FTS 2021 Apk Data Obb (PES 21 Mod)

Download FTS 2021 with PES modifications and enjoy playing it completely offline. It is 1 of the best offline soccer game you could play in 2021.

Download Truecaller Premium/Gold APK for Free (MOD)

If you want access the the amazing features available to only Truecaller Premium or Gold user without paying the members ship fee, then you need to download this Truecaller Mod Apk.

Download FIFA 2021 Offline Game (FIFA 14 Mod)

Want to play FIFA 2021 Offline? Here is the direct download links to the APK, OBB & Data files of FIFA 21 offline game (FIFA 14 Mod)

How to get Netflix Premium Access for FREE.

Will you like to know how you can get access to Netflix Premium service without paying anything? If yes, then read this post.

Download MLive Mod Apk.

Get access to all the premium features of the MLive app using this modified apk. The direct download links to the MLive mod apk are is here.

GOGO LIVE Premium Mod APK (VIP Access & Unlimited Coins)

Earn real cash from gifts of Fan when you earn a Gogo Live VIP member status. This you’ll get for FREE using this Gogo Live Premium Mod APK.

Download DroidVPN Premium Mod APK.

If you will like to use the DroidVPN without any premium restrictions, then you need to download the DroidVPN Premium mod APK in this post.

Download First Touch Soccer 2021 Mod for Android (FTS 21)

FTS 2021 mod for Android can be downloaded from here. It is an offline soccer game for Android that is loved by millions of football fans.

Fix for PNP_Detected_Fatal_Error in Windows 10

The BSoD error pnp_detected_fatal_error that crashes your Windows 10 computer can be easily fixed using either of this 6 options.

Is it Safe to Delete This File? – Ask Leo!

[ad_1] The one thing you need to do before you hit delete. When running out of disk space, considering what you can delete makes sense. I’ll look at the steps to determine whether a file, such as a .dat file, may be important. My C: and D: drives have many gigabytes of .DAT files under…
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Top 8 Cloud Cost Management Tools

[ad_1] Regardless of a single or a multi-cloud environment, most people spend a lot of money on resources they do not even use. Cloud cost optimization acts differently for engineers and those in the field of finance. In the case of engineers, the cloud resources are innovated quickly, while cloud resources would be obtained in…
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5 Best VR Headsets in 2021 That You Should Know About

[ad_1] Virtual Reality is one of the major technological breakthroughs of this century. Home VR consoles, as well as corporate solutions, are very much in demand. Moreover, VR games, tutorials, simulations, and visualizations are enabling people from all walks of life to reap greater benefits. By, you can use the technology for numerous purposes. There…
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How to uninstall Norton Antivirus with ease [Complete Guide]

[ad_1] Sometimes, you just can’t remove an app from Control Panel for good. This is how you can uninstall Norton Antivirus on Windows 10. How can I uninstall Norton Antivirus? 1. Remove Norton Antivirus with a third-party uninstaller Programs and Features isn’t the best uninstaller to remove Norton Antivirus because doesn’t erase all software residual…
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How to stop saving documents to OneDrive [Complete guide]

[ad_1] Regardless of the reason why you want to stop saving documents to OneDrive, there is a quick and simple solution for this and we will present it in this article, so keep on reading. How can I stop saving documents to OneDrive? 1. Use a specialized tool If you don’t want to necessary use…
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FIX: Kaspersky blocking or throttling VPN [NordVPN, Cisco]

[ad_1] Let’s quickly look at its key features: Comprehensive scan and removal features Protection against viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, spam, spyware, identity theft, hacking, phishing, fraud, and social engineering Light and extremely fast Live Support Chat available 24/7 ESET Smart Security Change your antivirus with a really efficient and light solutionthat won’t intefere with your VPN.…
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FIX: Windows 10 Activation error 0x80041023

[ad_1] How can I fix Windows activation error 0x80041023? 1. Check you’re entering the product key right To to do so, press the Windows key + S keyboard shortcut. Type cmd in the search box that opens. Right-click the Command Prompt and select the Run as administrator option on its context menu. Enter this command…
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FIX: 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 Windows 10 error

[ad_1] Some of the most common Windows errors and bugs are a result of old or incompatible drivers. The lack of an up-to-date system can lead to lag, system errors or even BSoDs.To avoid these types of problems, you can use an automatic tool that will find, download, and install the right driver version on…
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10 best antivirus software for low-end PCs [2021 Guide]

[ad_1] ESET Internet Security is one of the best antiviruses that you can use. It is a modern antivirus powered by AI, meaning that it adapts and improves itself continuously. Furthermore, it is a perfect and performant tool for gamers or anyone that want to have uninterrupted sessions of work or gaming at their computers.…
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FIX: Xbox One headset not working [Full Guide] • Xbox Guides

[ad_1] The mic is very quiet on Xbox One? Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you. 6. Update firmware To fix Xbox One headset not working, your controller’s firmware needs updating in order to be compatible with the headset’s adapter. When your controller is updated with the latest software, you get full use…
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FIX: TeamViewer blocked by antivirus/firewall [Easy Guide]

[ad_1] But, since it establishes the on-distance connection through the Internet, TeamViewer might be blocked by certain antivirus programs. In that respect, the security solutions might see the app as a possible security breach so it will block its access and functionality just as a precautionary measure. Best Antivirus Deals For You: Well, if that…
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SmartWindows – Switching between profiles with just one click

[ad_1] Well, it’s a problem if you don’t use a program like SmartWindows, since this handy tool provides you with everything you need in that sense. What does SmartWindows do? SmartWindows is a lightweight utility that lets you configure your windows in just the right places, and just the right sizes for each for whatever…
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Can We Use Any Charger On Any Phone? (Device)

[ad_1] Can we just use any charger to charge our phones without damaging the phone or the battery? Can we use a Samsung Charger to charge a Tecno Phone? Can I use an Infinix charger to charge an Itel phone? Is it safe to charge my phone with any other charger? All these questions are…
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Could a Built-in Tracking Device in My Laptop Detect My Tor Browsing History? – Ask Leo!

[ad_1] The risks of malicious trackers. (Image: Malware can do anything, but malicious hardware can do even more. Yes. I’m assuming by “built-in tracking device” you mean that someone has actually added a hardware device of some sort to your laptop. Such a device would share all the capabilities of malware and perhaps even…
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INVALID FLOATING POINT STATE error in Windows 10 [Fixed]

[ad_1] Choose a professional driver solution so you won’t have to manually search for your drivers. This software will always keep your operating system updated with the newest drivers available. Containing a huge daily-updated driver database, the program will allow you to enjoy an awesome gaming performance. It does an excellent job when it comes…
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Download PES Lite 2021 for PPSSPP (Iso + Save Data + Textures Files)

PES Lite 2021 game works on almost all Android devices without glitches, bugs. Download its ISO, Save Data & Texture files now from here.


[ad_1] Moreover, you’ll encounter a DRIVER UNMAPPING INVALID VIEW error. To fix this error, it’s important that you find the driver that is causing it and update it. Users reported certain issues with Intel wireless adapter, and after updating the wireless adapter drivers the issue was resolved, so be sure to update your wireless adapter…
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Download FIFA 22 MOD APK + OBB Data (FTS Mod)

FIFA 22 MOD APK (FTS Mod) is a very unique and interesting offline soccer game to play on Android devices. Here is the direct download link.

Guides to Disabling Windows Security (Windows Defender)

Windows Security is Windows 10 default antivirus program. If you do not like it, you can disable it using this simple guides.

Fix fast_eresource_precondition_violation error in Windows 10

Here are the best easy ways to fix the fast_eresource_precondition_violation error which you are experiencing in your Windows 10 computer.

5 Best Ways to Get Microsoft Office For Free in 2021

[ad_1] As of now, there are plenty of office suites available for Windows 10. However, Microsoft office seems to be the best option out of all those. Compared to other free office suites, Microsoft Office offers more features and options. It’s a productivity suite that packs lots of tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel,…
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How to Uninstall Recently Installed Windows 10 update.

This detailed guide shows you how to easily uninstall Windows 10 updates that you do not like or is causing issues for your computer.

How to Protect Your Cloud Storage and Backups from Ransomware – Ask Leo!

[ad_1] Extra-destructive malware might call for extra-strong protection. (image: There are additional protections for your data if your machine becomes infected with a form of malware known as ransomware. In a previous article, I wrote about how ransomware is nothing special when it comes to prevention — it’s “just” malware, and the same steps…
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Nokia to Launch Wireless Earbuds & Bluetooth Neckband with Rapid Charging Technology

[ad_1] Nokia is going to launch a new audio product in India on April 5 via Flipkart. The upcoming audio devices are the true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones and the Bluetooth Neckband. The company did not reveal much about the product, Nokia said that the upcoming device is “designed to give better sound”. Two New…
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10 Best Free HD Video Converters for Windows 10 [2021 Edition]

[ad_1] Let’s admit; sometimes we download videos from the internet only to find that the file format is unsupported. At that time, we look for better media player apps. Although powerful media player apps like VLC can play every major video file, it’s always best to have a video converter. A video converter is an…
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10 Most Secure Private Browsers For iPhone 2021

[ad_1] Nothing is private in this online world. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., also track your search activities to push targeted ads. Similarly, other companies also track our online activity in some way. Although VPNs and proxies can help you bypass web trackers, it’s not always recommended. To maintain complete anonymity, we need…
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10 Best Bubble Shooter Games for Android 2021

[ad_1] In this post, I have selected the top best Bubble Shooter games for Android based on “metacritics reviews”, Play Store review and my personal experience playing the. Bubble-popping or bubble-shooting games, known worldwide as Bubble Shooter, are arcade puzzle games that are very popular on mobile phones. All current games are inspired by the…
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PS5 Free Games – Best Free To Play Games For PlayStation 5

[ad_1] So, the PS5 is finally here, and it truly feels like a device came from the future. PS5 is supposed to shape the future of gaming consoles. Compared to the previous consoles, PS5 has powerful graphic tech and lightning-fast SSD, which loads games in just a few seconds. If you have just purchased PS5,…
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Fix: Outlook Conversation History Folder Is Missing – Technipages

[ad_1] If you want to check the copies of your saved Skype for Business or Lync conversations, go to Outlook and open the Conversation History folder. To access the folder, click on the Outlook menu, go to More and select Conversation History. Unfortunately, many users complained that sometimes there is no Conversation folder in Outlook.…
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How Does Microsoft Teams Work for Guests? – Technipages

[ad_1] Microsoft Teams is a versatile collaboration tool that allows you to work on common projects with teammates and people who are not members of your organization. So, if your collaborators don’t have a work or school account with your organization, you can invite them to join your team as guest users. You can quickly…
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Fix OneNote Error: We Couldn’t Open That Location – Technipages

[ad_1] OneNote users may sometimes receive an error message informing them the app could not open a specific file or folder location. The error message usually reads as follows: “We couldn’t open that location. It might not exist or you might not have permission to open it. Please contact the owner of “xxx” for more…
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Microsoft Teams: External Access vs Guest Access – Technipages

[ad_1] If you need to collaborate with people from outside your organization via Microsoft Teams, you can use guest access or external access. If you’re not familiar with these options, keep on reading this guide to learn the main differences between them. Differences Between External and Guest Users in MS Teams We listed the main…
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WhatsApp: Can’t Restore Chat from Google Drive Backup – Technipages

[ad_1] If you bought a new Android phone and you want to restore your WhatsApp chat history, you can restore your data from Google Drive. You need to meet two main requirements, namely, use the same phone number and Google account you used to create the backup file. Unfortunately, your device may sometimes fail to…
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Fix: Microsoft Teams Secondary Ringer Not Working – Technipages

[ad_1] Microsoft Teams has a convenient feature called “secondary ringer” that allows you to select the device you want Teams to ring through. This option is handy, particularly when you have multiple audio devices connected to your computer. For example, you can plug your headphones into your laptop but set your speakers as the secondary…
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PS5 Tips & Tricks: 10 Hidden Features You May Not Know About

[ad_1] Sony’s PS5 is genuinely a ‘Next-gen’ console; it has a totally unique user interface, controller design, and more. If you have just purchased a brand new PS5, you need to go through the learning phase first. You need to learn about the new functions, new tricks, and new ways of playing games. PS5 has…
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How to Fix Dropbox Not Generating Links – Technipages

[ad_1] If you want to quickly share files via Dropbox, you can generate shared links and send them to your friends. But sometimes, this feature may not work as intended, and you’re unable to generate shared links. When this issue occurs, the following error message may occasionally pop on the screen: “Something went wrong, and…
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Bitwarden: How To Add a Set of Credentials To Your Vault – Technipages

[ad_1] One of the useful features that many password managers offer is saving credentials for accounts when you sign in. Generally, this feature is reliable if you’re using your password manager’s browser extension, although not all offer one. This feature will often save you from manually adding the account details into your password manager, saving…
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Just What Is a Backup? – Ask Leo!

[ad_1] Only, perhaps, the most important term in all of computing. (Image: “If it’s only in one place, it’s not backed up” really tells you all you need to know. Backup is one of those terms we all take for granted — yet it’s not uncommon to find different people who have different ideas…
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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Error 2: 1001 – Technipages

[ad_1] Some Microsoft Teams errors, such as error caa70004, occur quite frequently, while others occur once in a blue moon. One such example is Microsoft Teams error code 2:-1001. It usually appears when users try to log into their Microsoft Teams accounts. In this guide, we’ll explore why this error code pops on your screen…
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Fix: Can’t Connect to Slack on Windows 10 – Technipages

[ad_1] Slack is a reliable collaboration platform that allows you to communicate with your colleagues and work on common tasks and projects. Unfortunately, the service is sometimes affected by various issues, and users cannot connect to Slack’s servers. More specifically, connection and login issues are some of the most common glitches affecting Slack. In this…
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Fix: Slack Could Not Find Camera and Microphone – Technipages

[ad_1] Slack may sometimes fail to detect your camera and microphone. As a result, although you can join video meetings, the other participants can’t see or hear you. Oftentimes, incorrect system settings are to blame for this problem. The good news is that you should be able to quickly troubleshoot the issue by tweaking your…
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WFH appeals to retirees and many have applied for remote positions, according to a survey

[ad_1] The findings detail workforce sentiments about returning to the office, telecommuter productivity, pandemic-related impacts on job satisfaction and more. Image: iStock/nortonrsx More than one year after the first COVID-19 cases, many organizations around the globe continue to operate remotely. Telecommuting presents a number of logistical challenges compared with the traditional office setting as remote…
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Amazfit Bip U Pro With In-Built Alexa & GPS to Launch Next Week in India

[ad_1] Huami is all set to launch its smartwatch Amazfit Bip U Pro in India soon. The company has not revealed the exact date and pricing details. The only detail about the smartwatch is confirmed that it will be available for sale on Amazon and once it is launched in India. Amazfit Bip U…
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Data literacy: Time to cure data phobia

[ad_1] It doesn’t matter what area you work in tech—even if you’re only tech-adjacent—most organizations lag in efforts to ensure staff has the vital skill of a good grasp of data. Image: Venngage “Bilingual a plus” is a rote standard of job descriptions that now levels up in the tech industry.  The boon of data…
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Quantum computing may be able to solve the age-old problem of reasoning

[ad_1] The new technology can take partial information and produce intelligent inferences, according to new research from Cambridge Quantum Computing. As artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms have received attention for making accurate predictions–in everything from judging the outcome of human rights trials to predicting the winner of the Kentucky Derby to identifying cancer–another new…
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How to remove Google Chrome Virus Android [Pop up virus]

[ad_1] The pop-up virus causes issues such as tabs that can’t be closed, search engines change without permission and redirection to pages or ads. In this article, we have listed a few steps that you can follow to remove Google Chrome virus in Android. How do I remove pop up virus in Google Chrome on…
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A new collaboration demonstrates how tech can help understand rare diseases

[ad_1] The Linux Foundation’s open source software will be used to develop gene therapies for rare genetic diseases in the newly announced RareCamp project. Image: iStock/Spectral-Design Gene therapies for rare genetic diseases is the goal of the newly founded RareCamp software project from the collaboration of The Linux Foundation and the OpenTreatments Foundation. There are…
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10 Best Free Android Apps of All Time (Useful Apps in 2021)

[ad_1] Android is right now the most popular mobile operating system. Compared to every other mobile OS, Android provides users far more customization options and features. Not only that, but the app availability is also relatively high on Android. Android’s biggest strength is its app ecosystem. Just take a brief look at the Google Play…
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FIX: Windows 10 can’t find a restore point

[ad_1] But what happens when you just can’t access any restore point? Some users reported this issue in Windows 10, but it’s frequently occurring in previous iterations, as well. How do I restore Windows 10 if there is no restore point? 1. Make sure System Restore is enabled Right-click on This PC and open Properties.…
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Malwarebytes won’t open? Use this troubleshooting guide

[ad_1] 4. Try running Malwarebytes in the Safe mode During the startup, when the Windows logo appears, press and hold the Power button until the PC shuts down. Power on the PC and repeat the procedure 3 times. The fourth time you start the PC, the Advanced recovery menu should appear. Choose Troubleshoot. Select Advanced Options and then Startup Settings. Click Restart.…
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5 best antivirus applications for Windows Home Server

[ad_1] by Milan Stanojevic Deputy Editor Keeping your server safe is essential, and today we’re going to show you the best antivirus for Windows Home Server. The software was discontinued years ago, but there are still antivirus applications that are fully compatible with it. Home Server is based on Windows Server 2008, and usually the…
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How To Protect Yourself From Phishing Hacking Attacks

[ad_1] Hacking is of two types – Ethical and Unethical. Ethical hacking involves founding security flaws in software, servers, etc., whereas unethical hacking is done for illegal purposes. On unethical hacking, the victim remains unaware until they have been hacked. It’s often done to break into an account, network, system to steal sensitive information or…
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FIX: Arc Touch Mouse pointer issues on Windows 10

[ad_1] 3. Calibrate your screen In the search dialog box, write calibrate. Choose the Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input option. Now you need to verify if the monitor present in the display screen is the same as the one you want to calibrate. Next, click on the Calibrate button. From here just…
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Quick fix: Windows Defender update error 0x8050800c

[ad_1] If you can’t install Windows Updated due to errors, we recommend you to check our dedicated guide and easily fix this problem. 3. Make sure you’re not running a third-party antivirus It is possible that you’ve installed another antivirus program on your computer. If such is the case, this may explain why you can’t…
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Fix Avast won’t open and other errors in Windows

[ad_1] 2. Avast Causes Black Screen in Windows 10 Click on Avast icon in the taskbar and open Avast user interface. Go to Settings tab, and then to General. Go to Exclusions options, click add and add the following address to exclusions: Restart your computer. Some users also reported that installing Avast on Windows 10…
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Screen stuck on Getting Windows ready message [Full Guide]

[ad_1] But, this time we advise you to perform a clean reinstall. There’s a grave danger that your system won’t perform like it’s supposed to after this kind of failure. 3. Perform a Startup Repair Hold the Shift key down and press the Power button at the same time. Continue holding the Shift key, while…
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How to Set Up Auto Reply Messages in Gmail

[ad_1] As of now, there are hundreds of email services out there. However, Gmail seems to be the best option out of all those. Gmail is now the most popular email option available for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and the Web. With Gmail, you can easily send & receive emails, send file attachments, etc. Both…
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OneDrive Script error: How to fix it on Windows

[ad_1] Download and install the latest service packs and software updates if you already don’t have them as they contain updates that can fix the OneDrive Script Error issue. You can do this via Windows Update. Note: in case the issue is on Chrome browser, check with the Chrome Support forum for troubleshooting assistance, otherwise…
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MEMZ virus : What it is and how to remove it for good

[ad_1] After that, the Nyan Cat will take over your computer. MEMZ’s trademark is the Nyan Cat animation acting as a bootloader. There are two versions of MEMZ: a harmless one, which people use for fun, and a malware version that affects the Master Boot Record. The second one is dangerous and can make a…
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VR Oculus Quest 2: How To Customise Your Default Room – Technipages

[ad_1] With the Oculus Quest 2, you see the system menus first thing, every time you turn on your virtual reality headset. These menus allow you to select which app you want to launch. You can also buy more apps and games in the store, configure the settings, and more. To prevent these menus from…
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Antivirus blocks email: How to fix it in less than 5 minutes

[ad_1] Most of the antivirus programs available for the Windows 10 system come with integrated mail support. Thus, shortly, these security programs can scan the incoming / outgoing emails within your existing accounts, regardless of what email client is being used. While this security feature is extremely important, sometimes it can bring further problems. For…
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FIX: Windows 10 prevents antivirus installation

[ad_1] These tools are designed to remove all files and registry entries associated with the problematic application, so be sure to use one for your applications. If you’re looking for an uninstaller application, we recommend the excellent tool below. Not only will it remove any apps that are preventing you from installing an antivirus, but…
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QUICK FIX: Low Memory warning in Windows 10

[ad_1] What to do if you have a low memory problem in Windows 10? 1. Close unnecessary processes from Task Manager Right-click on a free spot on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the list. Once the new window opens, you will see the list of processes and programs that are running in that…
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Elon Musk: Tesla hiring 10,000-plus employees for Austin, Texas Gigafactory

[ad_1] Tesla’s next Gigafactory needs workers and a college degree isn’t required for many positions. The Cybertruck is one of the vehicles that will be manufactured at the Texas Gigafactory. Image: Tesla Elon Musk is once again using his Twitter account to hawk for new employees. On Wednesday evening, he tweeted, “Over 10,000 people are…
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Football Manager 2016 Problems on Windows 10 [FIX]

[ad_1] 5. Make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date Sometimes Football Manager 2016 crashes are caused by outdated graphics card driver, so be sure to update it. You can find all the necessary updates on your graphics card manufacturer’s website. 6. Turn off your antivirus In some cases, your antivirus software can…
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FIX: Unhandled exception error in Windows 10

[ad_1] Below are a few methods that you can use to get things working again. It is important to note that these instructions are designed for Windows 10 users. How do I fix the Windows 10 unhandled exception errors? 1. Run a virus scan Press the Windows Key + I to open the Settings app. Go to the Update…
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5 best open source antivirus software [Windows 10 & Mac]

[ad_1] by Radu Tyrsina CEO & Founder Last update:April 2, 2021 The open-source antivirus is a program for removing malware whose source code is available for free. BullGuard competes with the best free open source antivirus, and it neutralizes advanced threats. A popular open source virus protection for Windows 10 is also Armadito, popular among…
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WhatsApp: How to Disable Stickers – Technipages

[ad_1] Many people really hate WhatsApp stickers considering them way too annoying or downright intrusive. This is because some users tend to spam their contacts with unwanted stickers. As a result, many users started looking for ways to disable these stickers which are much bigger than emojis. But this is not an easy task and…
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5 essential remote collaboration tools for distributed teams

[ad_1] With more teams partially or fully remote, collaboration tools are an essential part of daily work for distributed teams. Try some of these to bring your teams closer together. More than 20% of the workforce could work remotely three to five days a week as effectively as they could if working from an office,…
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FIX: Windows Defender won’t scan on Windows 10 [Full Guide]

[ad_1] In addition to scanning your PC for harmful software, these apps will also actively remove dangerous files. Don’t hesitate to strengthen your defenses and install a third-party antivirus as soon as possible. ESET Internet Security ESET Internet Security is the safest, most popular cybersecurity tool on the market. 3. Change the power options Press…
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The Spring Sale is the best time to buy from the Minecraft Marketplace

[ad_1] The Minecraft news for the day isn’t about a new update beta, but instead is about the new Minecraft Marketplace Spring Sale. From now until April 7, 2021, players can take advantage of mass discounts of up to 33% off on skins, textures, maps, adventures, and much more from the Minecraft Marketplace. Every day,…
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Should employers mandate COVID-19 vaccinations?

[ad_1] Before companies return to work, they must develop a strategy involving rules related to vaccination. Image: iStockphoto/scaliger COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming the catalyst companies need to return to work. According to the CDC, as of April 2021, more than 150 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered. While many employees are accepting…
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