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20 Best Android Games for Girls 2021

best android Games for Girls

This post covers the best Android games usually played girls or the female folks. Women prefer playing certain games while the guys also prefer playing different type of game. So continue reading till the end to find those games that girls play a lot.

Society usually imposes certain standards to separate play from boys and girls. So everyone comes to believe early on that some activities are exclusive to boys, while girls should normally learn household chores. Even in video games there is a significant division in which there is a separation of roles between the male and female universe. However, does that make sense? These beliefs originated in a culture in which women did not have the same rights as men.

There is obviously no reason to determine which games will be played according to each person’s gender. However, some girls actually prefer certain styles of games that are not much admired by most boys. This is a fact and despite the whole campaign for equal treatment of genders, what matters is not to condition or limit behaviors in a discriminatory way. After all, the feminist movement is expanding day after day, and the players are gaining their space in the world of games.

But if you are looking for something very specific for the female audience, know that there are interesting options on the market. In this post, we will mention the 15 coolest games for girls to play on the android phoneSo, do you want to know more about these games that will provide a lot of fun for them? Keep reading our article and we guarantee that you will find only the best tips, about the most current games and that are quite successful among the kids. Perhaps one or the other is also exciting for boys, without prejudice!

Female Android Games

The biological differences do not prevent everyone from having pleasant hours and the dispute in the case of games is healthy. Children love to play in groups, so everyone can play these games and get incredible results. The time when only boys dominated video games is behind us. For this reason thousands of exciting games have been created and offered for sale in stores everywhere. However, if you want to try some on your phone, be sure to find some exciting alternatives, free or at a very affordable cost.

Our list was made especially for you who want to find games that were selected by girls specialized in this subject! Your refined taste for beautiful scenarios or funny situations made the difference when choosing, believe me! Are you excited to meet them all? Don’t be shy, you can try them one by one until you decide which one will be your favorite. Choose the one you like best and then call your best friends to make that party, with lots of popcorn and delicious natural juice, what do you think?

20 Best Android Games for Girls

Below are the games girls like to play always in their Smartphones.

1. Subway Surfers

best android Games for Girls

Subway surfers is a racing game that starts with Jake, spray, graffiti, painting on a wall in a particular building. However the participant needs to run from the fat inspector and his dog as far as possible. You have to navigate at high speed on the subway passing to jump, roll or sideways to dodge oncoming trains. The game’s graphics are very colorful and fun. The characters too and the power-ups make the game even more amazing.

Download Subway Surfer for Android

2. Fruit Ninja

fruit ninjer

Fruit Ninja is an addictive action game in which the participant needs to cut the fruits that are thrown into the air in epic combos. The more fruits you can cut, the more you progress through levels, gaining new powers and blades. There are mini-games to test your domain and win prizes in daily challenges. To increase the fun, there are online competitions to compete against other ninjas and test your intelligence. The app also has in-app purchases for swords and other items.
Download Fruit Ninja

3. Fashion Story

fashion story girls game

Fashion Story is a kind of shopping mall with several windows for you to have fun and sell your fish. The store is waiting for you to open your store soon. Meet the requirements of fashion customers in your boutique home. Organize the latest collections and designs to win new customers. Write down some points like: modern and diverse accessories. Get your audience’s attention with flyers, decorations and promotions. Show your creativity.

Download Fashion Story app

4. Bonnie’s Brunch

Bonnie's Brunch

Bonnie’s Brunch is a food management game. Serve customers in the shortest time possible and earn points. Put yourself in Bonnie’s place and start the food journey with a brunch truck! The game offers 50 levels with different challenges of typical dishes to be made. But attention the customers are hungry, be careful not to get in the way when preparing each one. Show that you are a true gourmet.

Download Bonnie’s Brunch

5. Cake Mania

best smartphone games for Android

If you like the game of Glamor and beauty, this is ideal for you. The game is related inside a diner-type kitchen. Jill is the main character. Help Jill and her friends make cakes. All you need to do is buy and manage your store, bake cakes and make a floral arrangement on their behalf. There are several levels to complete, starting with preparing recipes, serving the public, delivering orders and receiving payment. If you wish, new updates are possible, as long as you pay for the new versions.

Download Cake Mania

6. Diversion

Deviation game

Diversion is an amazing platform game or racing game. Here fun is an endless motto. The goal is to run, jump, climb, hang, swim, zip, slide and even fly ! Unlock hundreds of new characters, challenging new gameplay and dangers as you progress through new levels. Invite your friends to incredible adventures and great challenges. Be you the great beast! Control the game and earn lots of points.

Get Diversion Game

7. Supermarket Mania

supermarket ManiaThere are a few points to note: Nikki is arriving from a long trip and with some guests that she has brought with her. Now she needs to go to the supermarket to do some shopping to please her visitors. You need to help her manage her purchases and supplies. As if he were an advisor in the choice of items and superfluous objects. Write down a few points. There are 50 levels for you to perform. Visit five stores looking for merchandise. When the list is complete, see your score and time wasted.

Download Supermarket Mania

8. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

 Cool Games for Girls to play on Android Phone FarmVille is a kind of agricultural game developed by Zynga. Gameplay involves various aspects of the land, such as plowing the soil, planting, growing and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and raising livestock. And the participant can raise animals, fish with other farmers, build gardens and negotiate with friends. As the player gets more items and progresses through the levels, crops and animals are made available to them through the “market”, where items can be purchased using Farm Coins or Farm Money.

Download FarmVille 2

9. Princess gives birth to a baby

Princess gives birth to a baby

The princess is going to have a baby, and she needs attention while expecting and also needs help to look after the child. The participant must act like a doctor, checking Princess Penny’s blood pressure, heart rate or fever and even providing a pill to relax. After the baby is born, the player also needs to act as a consultant for the child, checking the physical condition and even choosing clothes for the baby. The game is free on Google Play and is only 21Mb.

Download now

10. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2Cut the rope 2 is a physics game based on Om Nom, the little monster who is addicted to taking delicious treats. However, treats are beyond Om Nom’s reach, and you have to cut the strings to release the candies. It’s an innovative gameplay that makes you compete with gravity to ensure that when you cut the rope hanging the candies they fall into om nom’s anxious mouth. The game features several levels with different and surprising challenges.

Download Cut the rope game

11. Star Girl

Star girlStar girl is an RPG whose aspect is as feminine as possible. You become a celebrity who has to attend events, dates and also appear in magazines. It is therefore your responsibility to glamorize it with the best equipment in order to make it look impressive. The clothes are, however, limited and you may have to participate in jobs and challenges to buy more. After all the glamor, it’s time to get your star out there, flirt with the hottest guys, and maybe find yourself on top of star magazines.

Download Star girl

12. Pet Rescue Saga

 Cool Games for Girls to play on Android Phone The vast majority of children love pets; they are cute and fun to have around. This game is an animal rescue saga. It involves mail boxes to release cute animals from evil kidnappers. A negative point is that it proposes limited movements. Therefore, you need to plan them carefully. The game features beautiful and colorful graphics, adorable pets of various types; puppies, rabbits, pandas, piglets and more.
Download Pet rescue Saga

13. Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian HollywoodJoin this journey and create your way to stardom in Kardashian Hollywood. The game allows the participant to create their star and personalize it with hundreds of style options available, most of which are inspired by Kim. You take on the hottest celebrities, playing them and even having a child. To spice it up, you can connect with friends on Facebook, compare styles and help each other achieve fame. Available for free on the Google Play Store.

Download Kim Kardashian Game

14. Bakery story

Bakers storyBe a trader of the future! Design your bakery and make sure your customers are always happy and well fed. In this game you put your creativity on the loose when building the bakery and customize the menu to suit your taste. Once ready you can show your trade to get extra tips from friends or even invite them on Facebook to be your neighbors. The game is free on the Google Play Store, but contains in-app purchases.

Bakery Story

15. MovieStarPlanet

moviestar planetMovieStarPlanet is an educational game intended for audiences between 8 to 15 years old. Players create their own movie stars who can participate in the production of short films. The game is conducive to creating a community of players who can exchange created movies and make friends with other users. The game also allows you to chat with them in cool chat rooms. Start by personalizing your avatar with cool clothes, create clothes, decorate environments and make movies.

Download Moviestarplanet

Others are;

16. Angry Birds 2

17. Candy Crush Soda Saga

18. Quarantine Fashion

19. Ludo King

20. Covet Fashion

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Rounding Up

Did you like our tips on the 15 coolest games for girls to play on the android phone? We hope you were eager to start playing on your phone or tablet, given that several studies have proven that video games are beneficial for the development of numerous skills! In addition, more than half of the number of Brazilian players currently belongs to the female audience, did you know? This is one of the reasons that led game developers to conduct research to create exciting games for girls of all ages.

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