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15 Best Food Delivery Apps for Android & iOS 2020

best food delivery apps

Ordering for food delivery is now easier. Thanks to so many delivery apps for Android and iOS that are designed just for such purposes. I have picked the best food delivery apps that you can use to order for a food and get it delivered to your doorstep.

These food delivery apps are more practical, faster and guarantee that your order will come rightly in due time. The good news is that there is no shortage of apps of this type for all types of taste. Whether from specific establishments or apps with several restaurants available, there is definitely a good option for what you are looking for. If you’re curious, you can check out the best delivery apps for Android and iPhone below!

best food delivery apps

Most Popular Delivery Apps for Android and iPhone

1. UberEats

The globally popular brand – Uber is also into food delivery services and their app “UberEats” is one of the best food delivery apps. It works with your Uber account.

There are many restaurants registered and you can also receive suggestions or look for something special. Delivery is fast, trackable and you can classify not only the establishment but the delivery service.

They also carry out various promotions and give discounts frequently, so just take advantage.

Install UberEats for Android

UberEats for iPhone

2. iFood


Our first option is also one of the best known and used by those who like delivery apps, iFood. He was one of those responsible for popularizing the app scheme with several establishments registered for delivery in some countries.

It has thousands of restaurants, bars, cafeterias and other establishments of the most varied types of food. You just need to choose the type of food you would like and dozens of options appear.

If you prefer, you can also choose specific restaurants that you already know. The best thing is that they are all rated by other users, which makes it easier to know if they are good or not.

IFood also offers several coupons and interesting promotions for those who like discounts.

Install iFood for Android

Install iFood for iPhone

3. Rappi

Rappi is more among the delivery apps that offers services across different categories. Their difference is that they can also deliver purchases from supermarkets and pharmacies.

This is a great advantage over iFood and UberEats for those who want something more versatile. Their app is very simple to use

Install Rappi for Android

Install for iPhone

4. China in Box

China in Box is an app specialized in delivering dishes from this well-known restaurant. Basically, one of the best options for those who like Chinese food.

In the app, not only do you find the complete menu to choose what you want, but you can see the franchises closest to your region.

Get it for Android

Or for iPhone

5. Pizza Hut

For those who love the Pizza Hut menu, nothing better than having their app installed on their smartphone. It has the entire restaurant menu, including entrees and drinks.

It works throughout Brazil and some other countries, just having a unit close to the inserted CEP. It offers the option of delivery or pickup on site. 

Download the app on Android

Download on iPhone

6. Jumia Food

Jumia food is a food delivery app and service from Jumia Nigeria. It allows you select a wide range of food to be delivered to your doorstep. This app is popular and mainly used by residents in Abuja, Lagos, and PortHarcourt City.

Download Jumia Food for Android

Jumia Food for iOS

7. Domino’s Pizza

Here is another app for those who like pizza, being specific for those who love Domino’s. The franchise has been known in the USA for a long time, but has also started to become popular in Nigeria in recent years.

With their own app, you can not only order something for delivery, but you can also follow the preparation and delivery time. 

Download Domino Pizza App

8. Bolt Food

Whether you’re dreaming of sourdough pizza; craving tempura sushi; or desperate for an artisan burger – whatever you need, Bolt Food comes to the rescue! With the app, you can order for any dish and track its delivery until it gets to you.

Download Bolt Food for Android

9. Glovo

Finally, we will suggest Glovo to you. It is more of a delivery app for almost every type of shopping, be it restaurant food, supermarket products or even medicines from some pharmacy.

Due to its versatility, this ends up being a good alternative to consider when you need something different delivered to your home.

Download for Android

Download for iPhone

10. Deliveroo – takeaway food

Whether you’re passionate for pizza, fancy some fried chicken or are interested in ordering an Indian feast, Deliveroo has everything on the menu for even the fussiest eater.

From nationally loved chains, such as KFC or Pizza Hut, to locally adored heroes, we have something for everyone. We even have grocery stores for all your daily essentials.

Skip the queue at the restaurant and easily order food via deliveroo mobile app and have it delivered to you.

Download for Android  

For iOS

11. PlusOnePizza


We already mentioned some delivery apps for specific pizzerias, but PlusOnePizza serves to order pizza from several establishments. He’s almost like a Pizza-only iFood, which in itself looks like a dream.

It is easy to use and, despite having the interface in English, it has many registered Brazilian pizzerias.

Install for Android

Install for iPhone

12. GoFood

GoFood is another popular food delivery service in Nigeria and some other African countries with varieties of food to order and have it delivered. It’s easy to use.

Download for Android

13. ChopNowNow

As the name suggests, ChopNowNow is made for Nigeria with lots of Nigerian delicacies in its menu. It’s a Startup that is gaining recognition almost every part of the country.

Get it on Playstore

Get in on Apple Store

14. Delivery On

Delivery On is another one that is already present in several Brazilian states and cities. It has hundreds of registered restaurants and you can easily place your order anytime.

Other than that, the app even has a loyalty program and several discount coupons that are offered frequently. You can use the app for free on

Download for Android

Download for iPhone

15. Bigou

Bigou is like most delivery apps, in which you choose the restaurant and place your order. The additional advantage is that it also offers very interesting information about each registered establishment.

This can help you more to choose which place you want to know and try the dishes. The concept is interesting, but they are only available in the southeastern states of the country for the time being. You can use the app on Android or iPhone.

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Did you like the Delivery Apps?

Did you take advantage of our list to discover some of the best delivery apps for Android and iPhone? Don’t forget to leave your comment telling us which of these apps is your favorite or which one you use the most.

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