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11 Best YouTube Alternative Apps for Android 2021

Youtube alternative apps

There are too many YouTube alternative apps for Android but few are worthy of mention in this post because they even have more better features than the original YouTube app. So in this post, we will see the best apps similar to YouTube or apps that looks like YouTube where you can get all the core features of YouTube app on them.

YouTube is worlds most popular video sharing and streaming platform which has a website as and an official mobile app for Android and iOS. In 2020, this Google-owned video platform (YouTube) had more organic visits than yahoo and bing combined. That is to show you how massive YouTube is.

YouTube app for android has many interesting features that without being told, you will think it’s a perfect app but guess what, you are wrong.

Some of the YouTube Alternative apps packs even more features than the regular YouTube app. For instance, YouTube or YT as it’s shortly called doesn’t support background playback and pop-up window for multitasking purposes but most of the alternative apps supports these useful features.

Youtube alternative apps

Also the regular YouTube app for android displays video ads which can be annoying but in these other third-party apps, there are no issues of ads. Don’t get it twisted, Google is still releasing timely updates to improve its YT app and has already added download features which now make it possible to download YouTube videos directly from the app.

11 Best YouTube Alternative Apps 2021

Here are some of the best YouTube alternative apps that has unique features that will appeal to you.

1. YouTube ++

Youtube++ is a powerful modded YouTube app with some amazing features. With this app, you can download YouTube Videos or just extract the audio track from the video.

You can also play YouTube videos in Background without any Ads disturbing the playback. It additionally doubles as a video player and downloader app to make most out of the YouTube library.

In the last two years, YouTube Plus Plus has gained massive usage because of its tremendous features which includes;

  • Video playback speed control
  • No age restriction
  • HD video playing option
  • Video Caption support
  • Background playback
  • No ads
  • Doesn’t require root access to work
  • Extract audio from videos and download
  • Compatible with Android phones
  • Free to install and use.

Download YouTube Plus Plus here

Youtube plus plus

2. YouTube Go

YouTube Go is the Lite version of the original YouTube app that Google developed basically for people using low-end smartphones or those residing in areas with poor network. Because the main YouTube app is heavy and consumes a lot of internet data.

YT Go apk has almost all the features available in the main app but yet very lite. It comes with the ability to save & share offline videos.

With YouTube Go app, you can stream videos with limited data or a slow connection. You can also save the video offline and share it with other devices with the built-in feature. The app already has over 100 million installs on play store.

Below are some key features of YouTube Go app for Android

  • YT Go has all the Core Features of the traditional App.
  • Consumes little data and less battery draining.
  • Can save videos for offline viewing later.
  • The App delivers the same high-speed experience on all 2G/3G/4G networks.
  • Can run on low-end smartphones without any noticeable issues.
  • Very clean UI/UX
  • Free to install and use
  • Contains ads

Download YouTube Go.

Youtube Go app

3. VidMate

VidMate is one of the best YouTube alternative apps that doubles as a free movie streaming app and as a YouTube app. It is used to watch latest movies and follow popular films to know when they are released. You can watch latest movies and even download them on your device for free.

In terms of design, the app UI is top notch and will definitely appeal to you.

With this App, you will enjoy latest and popular Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and Dubbed movies which can be downloaded and streamed directly from the App.

Similarly, it’s YouTube features allows you download videos from YouTube in different resolutions.

Vidmate is one of the best-known applications currently available for downloading different videos and songs from online services like Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Instagram, FunnyorDie, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe, and tons of other multimedia portals. You can never go wrong with VidMate although some antivirus apps detects it as a malware. So thread with caution!

Below are some main features of VidMate app

  • Supports Multiple downloads at a time.
  • Has inbuilt web browser.
  • Movies filtering by Genre, Year, Rating and type.
  • The interface is super user-friendly and easy to use for beginners.
  • Fewer Ads served
  • A large number of Indian Movies and TV Shows to stream and download.
  • Free to use.

Download Vidmate apk here.

Vidmate youtube alternative

4. TubeMate

TubeMate is another popular YouTube alternative that has been around for many years. Even before the traditional YouTube app started letting users download videos, tubemate offers video downloads in various options including HD, SD and MP3 formats with different resolutions to fit each and every user’s choice.

Tubemate lets you watch and download the videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites for free.

Just like vidmate, the App lets you download multiple files simultaneously. With the app, you can download videos from Facebook, Youku, and DailyMotion and from many other HTML5 support video services.

It comes with an inbuilt media player that help you play your chosen videos with low buffering time. You can also change the preferred location to save videos on the SD card or phone internal storage.

Key features of vidmate includes;

  • High-speed integrated downloader that works even in slow internet network.
  • Massive video and audio files database from many multi-media sites.
  • Different format and resolution options to stream or download videos including – HD 1020p, 720p, BluRay.
  • TubeMate lets you download multiple files at once with pause and resume option.
  • Quite a large number of languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Marathi and Gujrati are supported.
  • Get latest Bollywood, Tollywood news and entertaining video posts.

Download TubeMate here.

Tubemate app

5. NewPipe

NewPipe is a Freeware Open Source lightweight YouTube alternative. It looks like youtube in appearance but you can actually use it without signing in to your Google account. This means, the App can run without any Google API or the irritating Google Play Services.

The app simply works by using YouTube website url source and displays it in the form of an App. But this App can prove to be very powerful if you have a low-end Android phone with limited power because it’s not memory intensive app.

Find out the main features of NewPipe

  • Works without Google Play Services
  • You can set and tweak the quality of video play.
  • Download the video and audio at various different resolutions.
  • You can play the video as a Pop-up box for multitasking
  • Play the video in the background.
  • Lightweight and consumes low storage space and RAM

Download NewPipe apk.


6. Videoder

Videoder is a powerful YouTube alternative. The app houses so many video content sources as well as YouTube in its database.

It is a useful YouTube playlist downloader that can download videos in various formats and supports multiple downloads.

It’s YouTube integration is top notch as it carries the same interface and functionalities.

With this app, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 and download. It’s getting more popular and definitely deserves a mention in this best YouTube alternative apps for android.

Here are the main features of Videoder;

  • Downloads playlists from YouTube
  • YouTube video downloader
  • Inbuilt browser with ads blocker
  • Up to 10x faster downloading
  • Supports 4k video downloading
  • Has album tags and title editor
  • Clean easy to use UI
  • Free to download and use.

Get videoder app here.

Videoder app alternative to YouTube

7. FlyTube

FlyTube is a lightweight YouTube App that is unique for letting you view YouTube clips in movable and independent windows. Apart from that, it has all other functions available in the traditional app.

It supports pop-up window which can be moved and resized according to your preferences. The window also has small playback buttons like seek control, play/pause button and other useful toggles for quick access and controlling of video play.

With just 3.5 MB app size, it doesn’t consume a lot of memory space and also doesn’t require the Play Services support for its functions. You can even sign in and customise the playlist according to your preference.

Download FlyTube app here.

Flytube app

8. OGYouTube

OGYouTube is simply a YouTube app without ads but offers video playback in background, direct download links, dark mode, screen minimization and lot more. It’s a modded YouTube apk just like GB WhatsApp.

As an alternative to YouTube, OGYouTube has the same UI as the YouTube App with some added features.

In this app, you can sign-in with your Google Account and also sync your data with existing account and data to keep your info safe.

Some interesting features of Mod YouTube includes;

  • Works exactly as YouTube official app.
  • Video Downloading with different quality and resolution options.
  • Requires no root access to use
  • Supports background video Play using one click button.
  • The App is ad-free so you can relax and watch your favourite content without much disturbance from adverts.
  • Multitasking support (Video Restore Down). Meaning you can split screen to watch YouTube videos and also open another app in the same screen.
  • Supports Dark Mode.
  • Support Android 4.4+ and app is highly stable.
  • Run Parallel with Default YouTube App without issues.

Download OGYouTube app.


9. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced App is another alternative YT app which supports background Play, Dark Mode, Video Download and more functionalities. Developed by XDA developer, the App supports both root and non-root devices. The App has all the Core features and design as the conventional YouTube App with some extraordinary addons.

YouTube Vanced is a Premium YouTube App with all the features offered by subscription-based YouTube along with same core UI and App design along with powerful features like Video and Audio Downloader directly to device storage with multiple resolution support.

Features of YouTube Vanced includes;

  • Blocks video ads.
  • Background Playback function available.
  • Set Preferred Video Quality.
  • Enable/Disable annotations.
  • Enable/Disable Suggestions Cards on videos
  • White/Black Themed versions

Download YouTube Vanced Apk here.

Youtube vanced app

10. SnapTube

SnapTube is yet another YT alternative which happens to be a video downloader and video player App for Android. With the app, you can download the videos and MP3 uploaded on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo etc. It’s one of the best apps to download embedded videos from web pages. It works like Videoder mentioned previously in number 6 of this article.

The App interface is user-friendly and you also you can search for your videos with the help of keywords in the search/URL box.

Just like many other apps in this list of best YouTube alternative, SnapTube supports multiple downloads with various resolutions. It has a very basic interface for video play but is a powerful downloader application for Android.

Download Snaptube app now.

Snaptube alternative to youtube

11. iTube

iTube is not really an iOS app but an Android app that happens to be among the best YouTube alternative apps. Though last in our list but definitely not the least.

iTube is a beautiful Android App with the ability to play YouTube videos without any adverts, with background play support thus acting as a music player App for Android. This App could be the best Youtube alternative on your phone. It is the best youtube music App alternatives for Android to turn youtube into a powerful music repository which act as an actual music player.

Features of iTube are;

  • Manage various playlists.
  • You can edit your playlists.
  • Zoom options
  • You can also search for history and playlists.
  • Simple user interface and more core youtube features.

Download iTube here.

Itube youtube alternative app

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While the official YouTube app is still strongly recommended, some people might find ads unwanted and displeasing hence they look for “apps like YouTube”.

Fortunately, there are apps that even offer better features than YouTube official app. Just check the list above and make your choice. I hope this article will help you make the right decision and enjoy the best of YouTube. If you feel we missed an app that supposed to be in this list, kindly mention it in the comment facility below this article. Thanks for reading.

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