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10 Best YOPMail Alternatives in 2021 (Make Temporary Emails)

For those who don’t know, YOPMail used to be the best and top-rated disposable email address service in 2018. Now you must be thinking, what the heck is a disposable email address? Right? Well, disposable emails were nothing more than the temporary email address that can be used to register for online service.

These email addresses were valid for only a few minutes, and after that, it gets deleted. These email addresses are useful when you don’t trust any online service and still want to register. There are plenty of disposable email address sites available out there, which lets you create a temporary email address.

One such site is YOPMail, which is by far the best Disposable email service out there. However, the service has few bugs, like sometimes the inbox fails to load. Also, the site shows spammy ads, which can ruin your experience.

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List of 10 Best YOPMail Alternatives (Make Temporary Emails)

In this article, we have decided to share a list of the best YOPMail alternatives that can be used to create unlimited temporary emails. So, let’s check out.

1. MailDrop


MailDrop is one of the oldest email services on the list that offers temporary email addresses. If you want to sign up for a website but don’t want to give away your email address, you can use the disposable email address provided by MailDrop. You don’t need to signup with MailDrop to get your email address. Also, the service is entirely free for anyone. Overall, MailDrop is a great YOPMail alternative that you can consider.

2. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

As the site’s name says, 10minutemail is a website where you can get a single email address that lasts for about 10 minutes before getting deleted. It also allows you to reset the timer by clicking on the ‘Refresh’ button. Once done, it automatically resets the email back to the 10-minute deadline. Compared to all other disposable email services, 10minutemail has a pretty clean interface, and it’s much easier to use.

3. GuerrillaMail


It’s by far the best YOPMail alternative on the list, which you can consider. The site is known for its user interface, which looks clean and straightforward. On the website, you can create a disposable email address in just a few clicks. The good thing is that it enables users to send emails with attachments of up to 150 MB.

4. AirMail


If you are searching for a free temporary email service site that doesn’t ask you to create an account, then AirMail might be the best pick for you. It instantly provides users with a random email address with an inbox. The email address can be used to register or sign up for new sites or any online service. The site is pretty fast, and it automatically refreshes the inbox folder every 5 seconds.

5. Mailinator


Well, Mailinator is a little bit different than all other disposable email services listed in the article. The email service is available in the public domain, which means that the mails were also open in public. The site allows you to use any alias to receive emails, but the alias you choose can be used by others as well. That means that the email content can be read by the public as well.

6. Dispostable


Well, it’s an under-rated temporary email service on the list, but it gets the job done. The interface of the site looks simple. It shows no ads, and it allows users to create random email addresses of their own choice as long as it ends with The good thing is that the temporary emails last for up to three days.

7. HideMyAss


The popular VPN and proxy sites also had an anonymous email service that is unknown to many users. If you don’t want to give out your email address every time you sign up for a new service online, then HideMyAss might be the best pick for you. The emails were fully secure and not traceable, and it’s the best YOPMail alternatives that you can consider.

8. MailCatch


MailCatch is one of the best YOPMail alternatives that you can use right now. Just like every other temporary email service, MailCatch also lets you create temporary disposable mailboxes. It provides a new inbox for every different disposable email. What’s more important is that it enables you to create a random email address of your own choice, but it should end with You don’t even need to register with the site to use the email inbox.

9. MailExpire


It’s a relatively new temporary email service on the list that can create unlimited temp emails. Apart from disposable emails, the site also offers other features like you can generate free invoices, free domains, etc. However, the site’s inbox doesn’t always work, and sometimes it fails to generate emails.

10. Mailnesia


Well, Mailnesia is one of the best and top-rated YOPMail alternatives that you can consider. The site is like other webmail services, but there’s no registration or password needed here. You can create a random email address of your choice, but it has to end with The incoming emails are accepted and can be read by anyone who knows the email address.

So, these are the ten best YOPMail alternatives that you can use today. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you know of any other such sites, let us know in the comment box below.

This post was written by Amarnath Chakraborty and was first posted to TechViral

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