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10 Best Minecraft Alternative Download For iOS & Android

Minecraft Alternative Download

What are the best Minecraft alternatives download for iPhone and Android mobile smartphones in 2020? There are many alternatives to Minecraft’s official game, these games have the same graphics layout as the Minecraft game we all came to love since its launch years ago. If you want diversity in Minecraft games so you can explore other adventure or action games playable in Minecraft skins, then we’ve covered the 10 best Minecraft alternatives for your Android and iOS devices.

The game still remains one of the best open-world games, it is still being played by millions around the world on different platforms like consoles, mobile phones, and computers. There are also Minecraft Modpacks which increase the graphics and functionality of the game, so all these make it the most known around the world. Ever since it’s release, other similar games have surfaced online, if you check application stores like Apple Store or Google Play, you can see tons of Minecraft related games available for download.

The list of the best Minecraft alternatives are very popular and supports multiple platforms and devices. Mostly they are open world games obviously in bits format, you still have the features that makes the game fun such as the weapons, cubes, zombies, clear quality grass, and so on. Also, due to the strictness of Apple approving apps on their store, our list will not cover up a lot of Minecraft alternatives for iPhones, but will be more focused on the Android versions.

So we’ll now elaborate on the list of the 10 best Minecraft alternative download you can play on your mobile smartphones for free in 2020. Our list will be updated from time to time as new games get released officially, enjoy.

Minecraft Alternative Download For iPhone & Android

#1. The Blockheads

Minecraft Alternative Download

The Blockheads is a very good alternative to Minecraft, it can be played on both Android and iOS devices. If you’ve played Among Us, then this game is similar to it, here you can explore different location in the game like the complex cave systems, flowing water, and more. It is a survival game like Minecraft, all you need to do is to make sure your blockheads get their necessities so survival rate will increase, so you need to keep an eye on them by providing shelter, finding useful resources for crafting purposes. It’s really a fun game to play, it is free on both mobile OS – Android and iPhone.

#2. Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Alternative Download

This is an official game coming from the creators of Minecraft, Mojang. This is the latest of their release which happens to be in early access, it can be played on iPhone and Android. So what’s the game all about? Minecraft Earth is a totally new version of the original app as it’s more realistic, it contains a large community of builders and explorers that you can team up with. Additionally, there are unique mobs added to the game which can be used to populate your builds.

#3. Craft Auto

Minecraft Alternative Download

Here is a game kids will love to play, it’s just like GTA san Andreas, it has the locations and characters. Craft Auto Online gameplay is on the Los Angeles location of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This app features weapons for combat like guns mods, it also has a lot of open-world features you can participate in when you need to sidetrack from the main mission, so what are they? In the game, you can go hunting, go to the cinema, ride on bikes, play tennis with friends, play darts, parachute, and more.

Though the developer made the game free on Google Play, it is misleading because after installing it, you will be asked to pay $35.99 after launching the game which is misleading, so we’ll recommend you don’t get the official version from Google Play, rather get a modded version online. In case you need the original link for purchase, below contains that.

#4. BlockStarPlanet

Minecraft Alternative Download

This is a very popular game played by kids and also adults, it is free and gets regular updates from the developer as it’s in Season 7 Howling woods of the recent update. BlockStarPlanet is an alternative to Minecraft for Android and iOS, it is a creative block-building app that lets you build your own world, multiplayer game, or simply join others in their created worlds. Connect with your friends or make new ones by chatting and playing multiplayer with them.

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#5. Crashlands

Minecraft Alternative Download

Okay, though our list was supposed to be about the best Free Minecraft alternative, this game is paid and it’s totally worth it. It won several awards in 2016 as the best game for that year. This game has over 500 unlockable craftable items usable to explore, as an open-world game – this app has an upgrade system for your characters. This app has official controller support, and more importantly, it supports the lower android version starting from 5.0 and over. To play this game, you need at least 1GB RAM, it is only available on Google Play.

#6. MonsterCrafter

Minecraft Alternative Download

Here’s another well known Minecraft alternative download for Android and iOS devices. MonsterCrafter is a game that helps you get more creative, you craft your monster pet and then care for it. Not only will you care for it, but the training is very important because you can play against anyone online or with your friends to sees which is the best. The way you care for your monster affects it’s personality which is greatly important in battle against other opponents. This game is fun to play due to it’s addictive multiplayer mode.

#7. Crafty Lands

Minecraft Alternative Download

Still, on the list of the top 10 best Minecraft alternative download, Crafty Lands is also an open-world game like Minecraft. The game’s main objective is to allow players around the world to craft blocks and build any resources or objects they want. This can include houses, castles, fortresses, villages, and more. It allows you to create your own story, create blocks, and try different techniques in building a successful house. The game can be played on Android and iOS, it is free to play as well, so you can get it installed.

#8. PlanetCraft

Minecraft Alternative Download

PlanetCraft is also an open world game, but it is survival multiplayer based as it can be played both on Android and iOS, so here’s more information about this Minecraft alternative download. PlanetCraft features accessories useful in surviving such as block recipes, potions and weapons. The graphics is higher compared to the official Minecraft and this can be notable looking at the pixel cube which happens to be in HD. You can play online with your friends and against other users, it is a free game.

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#9. Blockman Go

Minecraft Alternative Download

This game has many mini-games for users to choose from, it allows players to link up with others around the world via their chat system. New mini-games are regularly added by the developers, there are also decorations and items that can be purchased by the in-game gold which can be achieved by playing mini-games. It has over 10 million installs, while the Android size is 153MB. This Minecraft alternative downloads list is among the recommended games we’ll suggest you try.

#10. Roblox

Alternatives to Minecraft iOS Android

Obviously, this is the most popular game on this list and it is very similar to Minecraft making it a very good alternative to Minecraft you should download on Android and your iPhone smartphones. Roblox graphics is an advanced and well-defined version of Minecraft, this game also has lots of worlds and characters for you to choose from, you get to play with your friends or online against people from different platforms and countries around the world. Customizations are also available as you can customize your hat, clothes, character’s face, etc.


We’ve now come to the conclusion of the top 10 best Minecraft alternative download for Android and iPhone mobile devices. Now you can play alternatives to Minecraft, games that are very interesting and improves your creativity. Try and share this top list with your friends and also to groups, make sure to leave a comment if you feel a Minecraft alternative was left out.

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