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10 Best iPhone & Android Apps To Download Music For Free

iphone android apps for music

Though not recommendable, some cannot afford to pay for music, so they look for the best iPhone and Android apps to download Music for free. There are apps in developed to officially listen to music and play them online or offline, but these applications require you to purchase the song, both in Mp3 or Mp4 which is a music video format. So we’ll make sure you get the best apps to download music for free, your favorite music can now be stored on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

As we are known for, we’ll only recommend applications on the official application stores that appeal to the audience and have the aim this article is talking about. Hence, we’ve totally reviewed the best android apps from Google play, and the best iPhone apps from the Apple store to get music offline for free.

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The apps for iPhone to download music won’t be easy to get on the store due to Apple’s policy of not allowing such applications that offer such paid albums for free. But we were able to find just a little of these available. It will interest you to know there is no way to download music without the internet on both OS, you can only play the music offline after it has been downloaded on your device. Now, we’ll see the top 10 best apps to download music for free offline on iPhone and Android devices.

Best Apps To Download Music For Free

So if you want to get music for free on your Android and iPhone devices, here are the top 10 best apps you should have installed.

#1. Mp3 Download

Apps To Download Music

This is an Android application available on Google Play, it’s the main purpose is to help you get music for free. Most importantly, it serves the purpose we need it for, which is to get the music downloaded on our devices so we can play them offline even when we do not have an internet connection. When you have searched for the music you wish to download, you have the opportunity to select the quality, the format such as mp3 and also listen to it. The application is free and can be installed with just 8MB, it is seldomly updated, but works on many devices without bug issues.

#2. Music Downloader & Player

Apps To Download Music

Here’s an Offline Music Download app by a company known as Aktis Inc, the application is offered for iOS (iPhone) devices. Music can be streamed online or downloaded for listening offline, sadly, it doesn’t support downloading of YouTube music except streaming. This can always be bypassed with your iPhone screen recording feature. The application also has radio stations for you to listen to music from, it allows you to even synchronization with your Dropbox music cloud.

#3. Free Music Downloader

Apps To Download Music

Well, this is for Android phone users, this application is also a good alternative to the Vidmate app not found on the Google Play store. With it, you can download Free Music Songs and Download Mp3 Music also. Also, you can Play CC-licensed mp3 music online or offline with easy search filters of your best musician. It supports multi-thread download, this means you can multi-task your downloads so it can be used by you later. The application offers all features for free without having any in-app purchases.

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#4. Music Downloader CC License

This app ranks #109 in Music category on Apple Store, so this shows how well-known this music player and downloader app is. It is a smart player app, it can be used to download music which can be played offline. It has more than a than a million MP3 songs available, so you can make your choice. The app’s size is quite large as it is more than 100MB, but with it features it kind of makes it worth it.

#5. Download Music Mp3

Android Apps To Download Music

Here’s another app that lets you get music stored on your device for personal use rather than commercial usage. The application was last updated on July 9th as of the time this article was updated last, the app is simple to use, it can be downloaded with just 38MB. While on the Home-Page, you can easily search for music using the search bar, another sticky menu such as artist, albums are provided filters that let you get specific information about your searches. Adding to this, it serves as a good music player app because it also allows you to create a playlist.

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#6. Unlimited Music MP3 Player

Android Apps To Download Music

Here’s another one of the best app to download music for free on iPhone devices. The application is free and offers a lot of features which has been reviewed on the next sentence. Unlike some apps on Apple Store, this is actually free, you can get the app on your iOS device, search for any music of your choice, download and listen to music without internet as claimed by the developer, fast in downloading online and it can be shared with others. One cons of this application is that music can only be played through it, so this means you cannot get it saved locally.

#7. Boomplay

Android Apps To Download Music

This is a popular music streaming and downloading application that has been developed for both Android and iOS devices. With over 50M installs, this remains one of the most used music streaming and downloading apps for both OS in which it has been made available. If you need the latest treading hits, then it will notify you of the latest, it not only focuses on music, but you can also see other categories like sport, lifestyle news, and also exclusive interviews of celebrities.

#8. TREBEL Music

Android Apps To Download Music

Trebel Music app for mobile smartphones is also another best app to download music for free on your phone. Well Trebel Music is an old application and it has been known for having the latest music available on it’s platform for free. It allows you to download and listen to any music of your choice, also, it has some useful features not available on other Music downloader apps such as the skip buttons, background playing of music etc. The app is 27MB for the Android OS, while the iOS users can get it at a size of 189MB.

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#9. YouTube Music

Apps To Download Music For Free

This Google Application will be a replacement to Google Play Music app for Android and iOS devices. Surprisingly, Google allows you to download those musics for free so you can access them offline. So if you need a recommended app, then YouTube Music is one of the 10 best apps to download music for free offline. The app is ads-free, music continues playing even when your device backlight is turned off, easily search for your favourite artist music – all these works when you pay the monthly fee on the app, that’s the con of it and why people didn’t support the discontinuation of Play Music.

#10. Mp3 music downloader

Apps To Download Music For Free

On the last of the best apps to download music comes an Mp3 music downloader for Android. It supports high-quality audio downloading, a multithreaded mp3 download engine, download music on your phone to listen to offline for free. The app is successful, it has a million installs already with consistent updates, so you can download and install it on your Android or iOS device.

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Music downloader apps on Google Play will definitely not provide you with the need features for downloading music. Though you won’t be able to get the music outside from the app or get free access to all music. So these are the 10 best apps to download music on iPhone and Android smartphones officially. If you have any that should be mentioned, let us know so we can quickly review them. It’s been a while we shared a new article, so we’ll be more consistent again. Don’t forget to share iTechViral with your friends.

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