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10 Best Free Online Infographic Maker Websites 2021

Infographics design

Are you looking for the best free online Infographic maker in 2021? This post contains the top websites where you can make or design Infographics easily without having professional graphic design skills.

An Infographic is simply a visual representation of information or data. It is also used to represent charts or diagrams for easy understanding. “A good Infographic is worth a thousand words. In fact, the use of this visual appealing images has become popular in the last decade as it’s used to for better communication in workplaces, churches, schools, in the web and also in businesses.

Two months ago, I got a contract to create an Infographic for a company and earlier this week, I also got another contract to make an Infographic for a religious outreach event to direct people coming from different part of the world to the location. The infographic was shared Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and blogs.

Infographics help you summarize huge information, removing unnecessary data and visually presenting the useful info that engages users and as well answers their questions. A well-designed infographic tells stories in an eye-catching, exciting manner, without boring the reader.

Scientists has revealed that Infographics is the best way to teach people without boring them. So little wonder it’s getting more popular and accepted in schools, lecture halls and business roundtable.

There are many offline and online tools to create Infographics but in this post we will focus on best online tools to make an Infographic for free. The interesting part is you can actually create your own Infographics with these tool without any advanced pro skills.

Infographics design


10 Best Online Infographic Maker

Below are the top best free websites, online tools to create Infographics today.

1. Canva

Canva infographic maker is another tool to create Infographics easily with its rich free features and user-friendly interface.

Canva has instructional pop-ups to guide users on every step of infographic creation. The site technically provides 53 free templates across a variety of industries, including Business, Education, Charity, including Chronological & Processes options. Canva comes with thousands of images you could use for blank projects for free (Canva gives a 30-day free trial).

However, to upgrade to the paid version, you will pay $12.95 monthly and this will open door for you to have access to about 1.5 million canva Infographic tools. Also, the free infographic maker features charts, colour customization, icons, frames, and illustrations.


Infogram is an online platform that help you create engaging infographics in minutes. It features spectacular Interface, tons of graphics, and several free intuitive visualizing tools.

It’s available in free and paid version, the free version offers you limited templates to make a some infographics without paying any money. Each template provides 8 possible variations, and 17 themes are available for use in the free version.

The Infogr website’s free infographic maker contains 41 unique charts, 25 icons, along with 7 general shapes.

It is easy to design a compelling infographic with this tool. However, only 2 maps are available in the free tool, while the paid plans contain more than 800 map categories from which you can choose from. It costs $19/$67/$149 per month to upgrade to the paid version depending on your budget and needs.

3. Visme

When you speak visually, you speak loudly. Visme is a powerful Infographic tool that help you tell engaging visual stories otherwise known as visual contents. It comes with several free Infographic tools and quick interface.

But you need to upgrade to the paid versions to enjoy the full package.

If you are creating a casual or personal Infographic, the free platform is just okay. To casually make an infographic, you will find a lot of templates and huge infographic sizes on the website. You can actually add many blocks to your infographics and fill them with forms & charts, which can be imported from the free content database. But you will not be able to customize those using a simple double click on the chart or form, except by clicking on Settings and inserting new data. The paid version will cost you $14/$29 per month.

Visme free online Infographic maker

Image: Visme

4. Venngage

Venngage website allows you to create Infographics in three simple steps – 1. Choose a template, 2. Add charts and visuals, 3. Customize your design.

You can now join over 21,000 users who use Vennegage to make Infographics although the free plan has limited number of templates to choose from.

On this platform, there are many templates, but the best among them are reserved for Premium & Business users. There are 28 free charts available for free, along with countless icon charts as well as photos. However, as a free member, you can only make use of 2maps. Also, free accounts are only allowed to upload a maximum of 6 images, but the process is fast, at least. If you want to upgrade, you are to pay $19/$49 per month depending on your package.

5. Piktochart

Piktochart is an online free infographic creator that comes with unlimited Maps in the free version.

Additionally, it includes 12 free awesome templates that are well polished with captivating colours as well as layouts of their builder. Piktochart contains 14 customizable charts at hand, along with tons of forms and icons (business, agriculture, weather, environment, arrows, geography, and several others) in the free mode. Also, you can use all its maps for free.

However, the paid plan gives you access to more than 600 more templates (in addition to the 12 free ones) and it costs $15/$29/$99 per month to upgrade.

6. Snappa

Snappa helps you create Infographics online in a snap. It unleashes your creativity with its 48 free infographic templates, different trendy charts & forms, along with many customizable options. All these tools are responsive and straightforward to use, coupled with several educational videos to further help you understand how to use the site.

You can perform any edits using a double-click, and uploading your own images to use is also possible. While you will not need a paid account to create and download a project, you will however need to upgrade your account to paid version in order to save your finished work in your device. You can also share your work on Facebook & Twitter for free. To upgrade your free account to the paid version, you are required to pay $10/$20 per month.

7. websites helps you transform boring plain text data into wordy visual content with its top notch infographic tools. While it features limited free tools, its paid plan is pretty affordable.

The free service on gives users free 25 photos, 10 free charts, and 10 fonts to include in your infographics.

This service offers the cheapest plan with just $4 monthly subscription plan. The paid version comes with 11 million images and pictures, 320 templates, 112 different fonts, top-quality downloads as well as the ability to work in private mode.

8. BeFunky

BeFunky is your all-in-one creative solution to create Infographics and other graphic design projects. The website features high-end editing tools to make catchy infographics.

BeFunky offers just 4 infographic templates, and 3 of those are paid, so there’s not much flexibility for free users. BeFunky’s interface is smooth, with drag-and-drop editing features. But as a first user, you may find it hard to understand all the submenus. BeFunky is yet another great platform to create highly customized presentations. It will cost you $6.99 per month to enjoy the paid version.

9. PicMonkey

PickMonkey needs no elaborate introduction because it’s a very popular go-to design and photo editing platform. It also has an amazing infographic making tools that features Advanced Infographic Builder and Tutorials for users.

The major difference between its free & premium infographic services is in how intuitive they’re. While the free generators primarily depend on your own creativity, the the paid services optimize their software to get the bulk of the available work done. So this means, to make Infographics with the free version, you need a little bit of graphic design skills.

PicMonkey tool contains several templates, logos, text as well as colour options. You’re equally allowed to upload your own contents for editing and customization. The site offers tons of tutorials and sample videos. The Price for the paid version is $7.99/$12.99/$33.99 per month, depending on your budget and needs.

10. Adioma

Adioma is the only totally paid Infographic tool in this list and it’s loaded with efficient and intuitive infographic tools. With the paid plans, you will get a great value for the price. It is one of the highly rated infographics creators online — whether you need to make a blank infographic tab or use a ready template, the website guarantees effectiveness, user-friendliness and easy pick and drop tools. The website/software comes with various intuitive tools available, which you can easily use for shaping your content as it is placed on the canvas. You can also pick forms, charts, icons, as well as colour customization, smoothly. Adioma allows you to pick between a variety of templates that are built for different content types and industries. This capability helps you design professional-looking material with ease. You need to pay $39/$69/$300 to use the premium features.

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If you want to tap into the successful media gold mine in this century, you need to adopt the use of great Infographics to pass your message to a wider audience who will understand it in a short time. Good news is that a lot of software, mobile apps and online websites and platforms can be used to make Infographic with ease whether you are a professional graphic designer or not.

So which of these websites is your best free Infographic maker?

This post was written by MokoWeb and was first posted to MokoWeb